First winning battle with the Inkbrush in Splat Zones (6-2, Inkbrush)

24th April 2017 – 7.00 am

I thought I'd try another new weapon, with a brush of some kind being something I'd not tried before. The Inkbrush seems like a good choice for being the basic weapon, and the Sub and Special would work in Splat Zones. I have to admit that I don't really know how to use a brush, though. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to run with it as much as flick it everywhere, and I only think that because that's what I see when I'm on the receiving end of a brushing.

It takes a few battles to not be completely useless with the Inkbrush, and finally I have a battle where I seem to be more in control than not. I must be really lucky at the start, though, because I go unnoticed and unmolested for ages, even with an Echolocator on me, right up to when I can launch the first Inkstrike. But no longer.

I use the brush to move quickly, which seems like a good idea when safe, and try to avoid being obvious when Echolocated. I get some good luck when catching the Inkzooka, as I don't know why he didn't just turn to splat me. He seemed to be quite focussed on someone else. Getting some elevation finds the E-litre 3K who unceremoniously splatted me, and it's a simple matter to return the favour.

I let the Sprinklers fight with each other, then hang around until a good opportunity rolls past. Another Roller is around, but there is a wall between us, and who knows which way the other is going? I bug out, rather than getting caught up in something pointless, only for lag to hit hard. Strangely, it's not the E-litre 3K, whose sight I sit firmly in, who splats me.

I let the Sprinkler do the work for a bit, as I reconnoitre the Splat Zones. I hear the E-litre 3K making some space, but doesn't quite come around the corner, until as a Kraken-Roller combination. Quite how I survive falling in to that mess, when highlighted by an Echolocator moments later, and with a Splatling aiming at me, I don't know. Instead, I get two splats out of it.

I think I miss my Ink Resistance boots. But I still get close to the E-litre 3K when Echolocated again. From then I just patrol a bit, and help throw some ink on the Splatling. It was a fairly straightforward battle, and I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of inklings on the other team were trying new weapons too.

In the end, I think the Inkbrush is bit too much like a Carbon Roller for it to hold my interest over the Carbon Roller. Maybe if the Specials appeal more to the battle mode I'll pick up a brush again, but I'm not sure what it offers.

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