Splats but no strategy in Rainmaker (9-4, Splatterscope)

25th April 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm on another losing streak, so why not pull out the Splatterscope for some practice? It's good to see that squidmates still pointlessly jump where squidding would do, and block my shot up the building meant to help them, but so it goes.

It's also good to see that my aim hasn't improved much, and I still pull my shots. But that's only to be expected with a lack of practice. I'm not sure I'll ever be great with a charger, but I would like to be vaguely competent on occasions, hence my continued outings with a fun but difficult weapon.

It's interesting to see that the Splat Bomb I roll out to catch a yellow inkling coming up the ramp gets a splat, but on a different inkling squidding up the wall. It also serves to attract attention, and I have to squid out of there pretty quickly.

I go back up, of course, and roll a trusty Splat Bomb on top of the Inkstrike-in-progress, out of habit more than a lack of trust in my aim. I can hit stationary targets. Notice that the Rainmaker was moving. Only just, but moving.

I say I have no strategy in this battle, but I do try to stay conscious of where the Rainmaker is and where I ought to be. It doesn't serve me too well, but mostly because the other team are playing pretty well. The Rainmaker takes one route, notices my Splat Bomb Rush, and dives off in a different direction. Nice move.

The next Inkstriker is sensibly around the corner, and I think I've missed my opportunity for an easy splat, until I think to lob a Splat Bomb to just the right place. That'll do. That's followed by a rather less cautious Inkstriker, who I splat in one easy shot.

I'm not sure Haunt is such a good ability in Rainmaker, if you're susceptible to being splatted by the Rainmaker, which I seem to be. The carrier is pretty obvious even without being haunted. I should remember this.

Against the odds, we get another push with the Rainmaker, and although we are almost certainly not going to recover for the victory, I press forwards with the team to provide support. I even get a pretty decent splat on a yellow squid. I also get a really weak splat on a Roller, but so it goes.

At least I end the battle with a supporting splat, although notice again that he's stationary. More practice required, I would say.

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