Splatted back down to A in Rainmaker (14-7, Tri-slosher)

25th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't think I'm a bad player, but the way some battles go it's hard to convince myself otherwise. I'm not convinced my play-style changes significantly between battles, but the results can vary wildly. Still, I get the occasional moment that is definitely lucky, like apparently being in exactly the right place not to be splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield at the start of this battle.

I don't get a splat afterwards, the inkling apparently heading a different way when I can't see him, but I follow behind the Rainmaker and get a couple of inklings before the one that got away comes back from behind. I start going around the back, but have to support the team when the blues get the Rainmaker, so head in from the side.

My Disruptor goes in the water, which is a good throw for the wrong reasons, and I engage an inkling who stands right underneath a Splash Wall, apparently making them invulnerable to sloshing. That doesn't seem fair. At least I have my unfair Bubbler to let me survive long enough to get the splat.

Time to chase backwards, as the Rainmaker is moving. Another bit of luck, this time not so good, as I drop down a newly created ledge from the water level dropping, so that the inklings I was approaching from behind go out of range, and a blue inkling returning to the fray comes in to range from behind me. So it goes.

As much as we need to stop the Rainmaker directly, it helps to cover the other team's ink, to stop the Rainmaker indirectly. I am a little surprised to see a blue path leading all the way to the top of the podium that no one is tending to, but at least when the Rainmaker scoots past me our charger stops it.

We really need to control much more turf than we do, which may be higher priority than moving the Rainmaker, because we can't go anywhere fast and, if they recover the Rainmaker, the blue team can. But we're moving the Rainmaker, apparently. I move up when things look a bit more green, and get a good vantage point, but when I drop down to interrupt a Suction Bomb Rush, to my surprise there are Suction Bombs everywhere.

A bit more housekeeping for me, mostly because I don't want to be caught out by hiding squids. The Echolocator helps, but even when I have the upper hand it feels that the connection is against me. Maybe I still just don't like jumping inklings and get annoyed by them.

At least I out-manoeuvre the Rainmaker nicely, and the Splash-o-Matic afterwards, making me feel slightly competent again. But the feeling doesn't last, when popping up in front of two inklings and activating my Bubbler results in being splatted for no splats. At least we have a score now, I suppose.

Another annoying moment. I observe, pick the best time, and strike, only to miss the jump and fall in front of a third inkling who is super happy to get an easy splat. I come back hoping to do better, and despite a missed Disruptor I follow up for a splat, and move around to chase another inkling in to trouble. I'll take a super-jumper splat to boost my numbers, but the jumping Splash-o-Matic is back to get another dubious splat on me.

At least at the end of the battle I get a good sloshing splat, from over a ledge on to an inkling I don't see. But it is yet another defeat, and this one pushes me back down to A Rank. It feels like only yesterday I got back up to S Rank. Phew!

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