Blasting away in Squad Tower Control (12-9, Blaster)

26th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's time for some more Squad Battles with AceThunder, and after a few battles with the Splatterscope I swap over to give the Blaster a go. I've used it before, mostly also in Tower Control, and had some fun with it, and it will be nice to see if I can still use it vaguely competently. And I think I can. Vaguely.

At least I have been remembering my Disruptor on the Tri-slosher, so I don't have to get used to it too much with the Blaster. That's probably good, as I can focus instead on the Roller coming behind me. I survive that down to luck, I would say. That balances out the slightly bad luck getting stuck in ink whilst a .52 Gal splats me.

I try to maintain a bit of turf control, and ink over the top of the ramp to give me some warning of an inkling approach, should I ever glance at my Gamepad at the right time. I don't quite get the timing right on the super-jumper, but it's my first game with the Blaster for a while, so that's okay.

My Killer Wail splats someone, don't know who or where, before I run straight in to a Kraken. Thankfully, they weren't expecting me either, and my squad mate has my back. Nice! A nice flanking blast gets me a splat on the way to riding the Tower, which I think we should be doing. And we should be doing it a bit longer than I manage.

Defending from the grate with a Blaster is quite effective! I can aim just off-centre of the Tower's pillar to get inklings off it, and the grating gives me a good view of all the fuss happening below. It would be nice if the Blaster could ink walls better, although it turns out a squidmate is already on the Tower and I could have gone around.

Blasting around corners works well too. I suppose the Blaster works well when it's used in situations it is designed for. It sounds obvious, but I do need to remind myself of these things occasionally. Back to the battle, and I narrowly miss the Roller, as she narrowly misses me, and we dance a little before she pulls out the big squid. She doesn't miss this time.

The orange team make a good push and take the lead from us, and even though I can get in to a decent position to defend, it doesn't get us our lead back. I ride the Tower as far as inky pressure allows, hopping off for a bit to temporarily relieve that pressure. A squidmate hops on as I get splatted off, but more orange ink comes flying in. Our push is over.

I take an alternative route to the Tower as I return, but with seconds left in the battle and the Tower going the other way it may not be a good idea. Thankfully, it works out, and my squidmates reclaim the Tower and we meet in the middle. I push ahead to try to clear a path, but get caught between inklings.

I can do little but watch as orange ink overwhelms the Tower and ends the battle in our defeat. But the battle was good, and I am happy with my performance with the Blaster.

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