Splatting all around in Rainmaker (13-4, Tri-slosher)

26th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, no one wants the Rainmaker! At least, no one in purple. I squid around the side, on a whim because I'm back in A Rank battles, and find a sole green inkling shooting the Rainmaker's Shield, who is easy to splat, then ink a bit of a path below me. When I turn back, the Rainmaker is untouched. Fine, I'll take it, although I suspect the green inkling was going for it.

I get a fair distance for a first carry, which I hope is an indication of further progress to come, but maybe I could have been a little more circumspect. The green team are, and I sit and watch what they do for a bit. The Rainmaker is splatted, the Shield is burst, and I move ahead to ink a path again, thinking my Bubbler would be better used than wasted on a carry.

I ink a path, get splatted when getting a little too cocky, and super-jump back and squid around to the still-untouched Rainmaker. What the hell, squidmates? Sure, you'll probably get splatted, but we could have pushed the Rainmaker much further if someone had just grabbed it. I do it myself, although I don't make any more progress, maybe because no one is expecting the Rainmaker to move.

The green team are happy to move the Rainmaker. Maybe I can join them. If I splat enough of them, perhaps they'll want me to be on their team instead. Maybe not. I'm hit with a Point Sensor and they chase me away, but that's not such a bad thing, as it lets me see where the Rainmaker is going and give chase.

Thankfully, my squidmates stop the Rainmaker before the green team takes the lead. Only just before, but still. Before. I decide that they are probably in control for the moment, so start turning turf purple instead of green, dropping down when it looks like an extra tentacle is required.

Hey, a squidmate picks up the Rainmaker! Yeah, it looks different when our lead is challenged. I head around and up the side of the Heights in support, happy to surprise an Inkzooka from behind, before providing some more direct support. And this time we take a more convincing lead. Nice!

A little pause as one inkling is splatted and I wait for another to land for a super-jumping return, and it's quite good timing. A Luna Blaster is mid-Splat Bomb rush, lobbing Splat Bombs up on to the ledge I'm on, letting me drop down for an easy splat. I squid under a Point Sensor and appear in front of two inklings, one carrying the Rainmaker.

Had the Rainmaker not cancelled their shot, I would be splatted. As it is, I splat the Rainmaker, and although I miss the other inkling, I have the sense to rapidly retreat under inky pressure and located with a Point Sensor. I turn as the Sensor ends and perhaps surprise a Luna Blaster by being closer than she thinks.

I continue my squidding and end up behind the Rainmaker, and pop my Bubbler to protect me from green ink behind me. I decide to circle around and apply some pressure from the side, but follow the inklings when it comes to nothing, a little lucky to survive. I wait for the Inkstrike to pass and press high to be a bit of a pest as the battle draws to a close.

Oh right, extra time. I use a timely Bubbler to retreat safely, then gather my bearings and work out where the Rainmaker is. I spot the Rainmaker and go on the hunt, my squidmates doing well to prevent forward movement. I take a bit of ink from the side, but keep moving to get the final slosh required to reward us the victory.

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