Splats all around Squad Tower Control (14-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

We're pulling out the big guns for this squad battle. Acethunder is, at least, with his Gal, and it looks to be an interesting match-up with two chargers and two Rollers on the other team. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I go around the side, which seems like a decent route to avoid an early splatting, and walk a little way in an attempt to hide my trail. It's probably not too important, though, particularly as I reach the corner and become visible to everyone. That doesn't mean my Seekers will be spotted.

The Seeker draws the attention of a charger or two, but backing off seems like a good idea with the Tower heading this way. I move a bit too early, but flick enough ink to halt the Tower, and am just in the right position to avoid the Carbon Roller rounding the corner, my reactions keeping me safe from then. And I just miss the charger squidding past me, but splat him with a couple more flicks. I do believe I start the battle with an extended quad. Nice!

A squidmate pushes the Tower as I take a look around, and Acethunder launches an Inkstrike that catches a Carbon Roller looking to pounce. It's a shame my reactions let me down as the other inklings come back to the fray. I walk a bit too far coming back, but Ninja Squidding lets me get close when it counts. If only I could flick a touch more ink, I could have splatted both chargers. The second gets very inky, but stays standing.

More squidding this time. Quite a bit more, although much of it is hiding and biding my time. I wait for my moment, and pick a good one. I doubt my Carbon Roller did enough damage to splat the charger, and I'm sure I had some help from behind. It all counts, as it's a team game!

I get so close to the charger attempting to peak around the corner. If only the Carbon Roller hadn't turned up, but at least I splat one threat, and our lead increases at the same time, thanks to some diligent squidmates. I take a different side route the next time, but it's not that safe with two chargers watching us. I have to be cautious, and so I am.

My squidmates help keep the area safe more than me, and I have to retreat anyway to avoid a Splat Bomb Rush. I pause briefly on my way back, which may have stopped me from helping Acethunder earlier. Sorry about that, but I got some quick revenge. A Seeker Rush helps ink the path towards the green base, and I follow behind to apply some pressure. It feels like good pressure too, particularly splatting the Carbon Roller, but the splatterscope has a good hunch and splats me away from there.

The Carbon Roller doesn't come my way as I approach the centre, and the Splatterscope doesn't seem to see me this time. I hold my position briefly before squidding up and splatting her off the Tower. I jump on to claim it back for us, but hop off to splat the Splat Charger too. That's one tricky shot she pulled off to get me in mid-air!

The Tower is coming our way, and I am a little concerned that I'm too far to stop it in time to keep our lead. My squidmates are on top of the situation, though, and I had nothing to worry about. That lets me drop down and splat a super-jumper, and lurk a bit higher up. I hear an Inkzooka and look to splat it from the side, but clear the Tower instead before getting embroiled with another Carbon Roller.

Causing the Carbon Roller pause to splat me holds her back long enough to prevent her from jumping on to the Tower, so it remains neutral as the clock ticks down to end the battle. Victory is ours, woomy!

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