Squishy revenge in Squad Tower Control (15-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th April 2017 – 7.00 am

I've had my practice with the Blaster, and it's back to the Carbon Roller Deco, hopefully to make me feel a bit more competent. I think sending the Seeker past the inflatable does that right at the start. A small thing, but it pleases me. Of course, I hit the post when I go the other direction, when the aim is less critical. So it goes.

I bide my time as the Tower starts coming my way, not wanting to reveal myself too soon. It works in my favour, clearing the Tower and getting some turf inked, and I manage to dodge a Splat Bomb roller my way. But as two inklings want to quickly return to the battle, I get distracted and don't notice the next Splat Bomb.

There's a lot of blue in in front of our base and around the inflatable. I know that's a favoured place for some inklings to squid and be annoying to anyone trying to get past, so approach with some caution, before going in a different direction anyway. AceThunder has more chutzpah than me, going straight ahead.

I get up on to the fence and take a look around. Blue everywhere, the Tower moving towards our goal. I drop down and, hey, an Inkstriker. He took his time aiming, feeling quite safe, and it was a bit lucky that I found him. The Instrike still gets launched, though. I move away from the splat to try to clear the Tower, but I fear that my Carbon Roller is not the right weapon for this part of Camp Triggerfish Tower Control, particularly compared to the Blaster on the Tower.

I wait for the Tower to get in to a better position for my Carbon Roller and pounce. I clear the Tower, albeit with charger pressure coming from somewhere, and maybe could have prevented the Luna Blaster from clearing me from the Tower had the connection remained stable. But you work with what you've got. The other problem with having to wait so long is that it extends the blue team's lead. So be it, there wasn't much I could do about it.

The Tower still isn't clear, neither is the blue threat around our base. An opportunistic Seeker launch gets one inkling out of the way, and a decent flick clears two more from the Tower. Even if I can't get out of the way of the Splat Bomb, the Tower starts moving backwards. I fear the battle is already lost, though.

Heading around the side only gets me in to the sights of the E-litre 3K, but my Ninja Squid and Seekers keep me relatively safe. My eagerness to clear the Tower, on the other hand, proves to be my downfall. And now we do have blue threats around the inflatable. Thankfully, a Seeker splats one, and the other looks to super-jump away. I didn't realise I was so threatening myself.

I manage to get past the inflatable, and I have a goal. I will get that E-litre 3K out of action for a bit. And I will do it not with a flick but with a squish. That's sending a proper message. And it works! One of my cockiest moments, I would say, and rightfully followed-up with a splat on the Luna Blaster fooled by my Ninja Squid.

In fact, the splat on the E-litre 3K is the start of a mini-rampage. As we push the Tower back to the centre the blue inklings start to return, and I'm there to splat them. It's a shame the Luna Blaster, with her Ninja Jump kit, super-jumped to the same spot as another blue inkling, but it pleased me.

We finally make a push with the Tower. We don't get far, but it's some points on the board. The blue team push back, and even though I get the Luna Blaster off the Tower they have more inklings. I get in to position to clear the Tower from above and squid down for one last futile push, but the inkling turns in to a Kraken. So it goes.

At least I have just enough time to splat the Luna Blaster stealthily jumping on to the Tower, as well as pushing the Kraken off and in to the water before the battle ends. That's a decent finish to a battle that really didn't go our way.

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