Getting a quad in Squad Tower Control (14-6, Tri-slosher)

28th April 2017 – 7.00 am

I've had some good fun with the Carbon Roller Deco tonight, so it's time to pull out the Tri-slosher for Tower Control. The bucket works well with a height advantage, so I head around the side to clamber up the wall. It's not a great position to be at the start of the battle, as my range is pitiful, but hopefully I can avoid getting covered in purple ink too soon.

Well, only just. Lots of ink comes my way, but I dodge it and decide to squid around the side to come up behind the other team. As I do this, my squidmates take control of the Tower, making my move look like a good decision. I go further still, conscious of the splatted inkling that may appear behind me, but reassured as my Bubbler charges.

I push back up the middle and see targets ahead. One good splat is the Killer Wailer, unfortunately not quite before it can be activated, and with inky pressure coming from behind I gain some distance before turning and popping my Bubbler. It's not behind me, as such, but on the Tower, and that's a captive target for a second splat.

I see a potential third splat, but charging towards an Inkzooka doesn't strike me as sensible, so it's kinda good that the fourth inkling appears next to me. We do a little dance, and he makes a mistake going down the ramp, so that my Tri-slosher becomes more effective. My mini-rampage is stopped by an inkling in the middle of a Splash Wall, but a squidmate behind me continues the splatting.

The Tower is sitting stationary when I pass it, surrounded by purple ink. I decide it's okay where it is for the moment, and turning the ink yellow and clearing some Beakons is probably a better idea. I destroy one Beakon and go back for the Tower, where I stop another Killer Wail from firing, but the Tower is getting away from me. My Bubbler helps keep me safe, but it also pushes me back a bit.

We lose the lead, but it's early and not too great a difference, I splat another inkling and a Beakon, and my squidmates clear the Tower. If I could get my aim with the Disruptor better, maybe I could help pull things back. As my squidmates hold the centre well, and with a Bubbler shared around, I head around the back again, coinciding with a squidmate regaining the lead for us. Nice!

I catch one inkling off-guard, but another out-manoeuvres me and pushes me back, before another splats me from above. A couple more outings get a couple more splats, but nothing much of note for me. My squidmates do well, though, pushing the Tower even further, giving me a good spot to super-jump back to.

I divert from the rest of the team to flank the purple inklings again, and this time it really works. They are concentrating on stopping the Tower as I appear behind them, splatting two quickly, and two more as they come up, bagging myself a quad. Nice! We've lost the Tower by this point, but we have a huge lead with not much time to go.

I take a defensive posture as time runs down, holding near the Tower's route, but it looks like I won't be needed. Time for a short happy dance! I cut it short when it looks like maybe my bucket will be needed, but all is good anyway. Woomy!

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