Is this lag that I'm feeling in Splat Zones (11-9, Tri-slosher)

29th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Lots of inklings focus immediately on the Splat Zones at the start of the battle. That's probably quite sensible. But it also lets the occasional inkling slink behind everyone and try to clear the Splat Zones of opposition to make claiming them easier.

Admittedly, I go a bit far around the back, particularly without a charger on the other team that may be safely ensconced on a perch, but at least I am aware that a purple inkling has been splatted and is returning behind me. The sound of a Seeker reminds me too, and I leap ahead to get to the Splat Zones from behind.

Okay, my plan doesn't quite pay off, despite getting a couple of splats, but there's not much you can do against a dive-bombing Carbon Roller. Not antagonise them in the first place, I suppose. Never the less, my team captures the Splat Zones and we take the lead. I'm not sure I did much to contribute to that, though.

I start sloshing around the Splat Zones and help splat the Carbon Roller, and get a decent hit on an inkling ahead of me. But the splat turns against me, as the inkling becomes a Kraken. I think I'm a bit lucky rushing in to them instead of backwards, and my ink resistance helping me keep ahead until they are an inkling again, and I finally get the splat.

That's a weird path the Seeker takes at 1'14", and normally Krakens don't miss me, at least not twice. And the Carbon Roller seems to flick once more after he's splatted. Things are feeling a little bit out of sync. Or maybe it's just me. I'll use it as an excuse for not hanging around to help my super-jumping squidmate. Sorry about that.

Whatever's causing the weirdness, it's not responsible for my rushing headlong in to obviously hazardous situations with little regard for the consequences. I really need to work on that more. I'm sure I used to be better. It doesn't help that we are close to losing the lead, but continually getting splatted won't help that, whereas cautiously pushing forwards could result in a stronger foundation to repair a lost lead.

So that's what I try to do, make sure the turf is greener than purple from the base to the Splat Zones, and push forwards only when it looks favourable. We could maybe have been quicker, only stopping the purple count at one, but a solid base lets us capture the Splat Zones.

I can't say I always succeed with being cautious either, but it's only when you're surrounded by inklings that you can get a sweet triple. And if you count the returning Carbon Roller a few seconds later, it turns in to a sweeter quad-splat! Nice!

We still have quite a distance to go to regain the lead, and time is not on our side. Getting splatted right in the middle of a Splat Zone, making a huge purple splotch, doesn't help our cause, and the purple team takes control as time runs out. Victory is theirs.

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