Bad bomb awareness in Tower Control (12-8, Blaster)

2nd May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Here I go again, using the Blaster like a Tri-slosher, heading around the back to hope to surprise the charger. And somehow I surprise the charger! I think A- people are a bit more direct with their strategies and don't quite expect an inkling to play around the objective. That's good for me, particularly when the Tower doesn't want me to get on.

But I get on the Tower and push it forwards, pushing myself backwards and back off the Tower immediately with a Killer Wail. A squidmate stays on, though, allowing me to press forwards briefly to get a splat before hoping back on the Tower.

The charger looks to my squidmate, giving me time to splat him, and I hop off again to get another forward splat. If only I could move a bit quicker, maybe I could have avoided the Inkstrike as efficiently as my splatting has been so far.

I don't quite manage to clear the Tower on my return. The Sprinkler is an excellent ink sponge, and my aim under pressure is still a bit wonky, as is my decision to squid in the other team's ink. Never mind! I return to get a couple of decent splats, a bit of luck as a squidmate saves me, and hop back on the Tower to set a Killer Wail.

The Killer Wail doesn't seem well-timed to start with, as inky pressure is upon me, but it gets the charger off her perch. I could have stayed on the Tower, but instead hop off and, well, straight in to a Splat Bomb from the charger. Nicely done, number 96.

A couple of mis-timed efforts have my going around the back again, which works out when I get a direct hit on the charger. My indirect fire is not quite as good, though, even if it looks like I hit the Blaster. At least he doesn't hit me. I squid around a bit, looking for opportunity, and seize it when a teal inkling jumps on the Tower. But why do I squid on top of the Splat Bomb again?

I think about jumping on the container to clear the Tower, but not with a Killer Wail covering it. So I squid and wait. My squidmates take control of the Tower, so it's time to move forwards. My Disruptors hit, I get a glancing blow, and I think I'm doing well with the Blaster to hit from below a grate. But the inkling above does better than me, and dives down to catch me not being as smart as I think I am.

My aim still needs work, but the second shot hits the inkling directly, and the combination of my blasting and squidmates on the Tower pushes the other teal inklings back. My squidmates get the splats and push the Tower nicely, and I contribute with a curiously but well-aimed Killer Wail, and we keep the Tower moving.

The battle pauses as we get one point away from the knockout victory, but I don't think that changes anything. And although we don't reach the goal, we have less than thirty seconds to defend the knockout for the victory. We can do that! Well, maybe not me. My squidmates can. And to continue the motif of the battle, I hop on to the Tower to celebrate our victory, only to squid right in to a Splat Bomb. Woomy?

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