Being brushed aside in Tower Control (9-4, Blaster)

2nd May 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm continuing with the Blaster, as I think I'm quite enjoying it. It is certainly forcing me to play more sensibly, as the fire-rate is slow enough that I have to make each shot count, and if I rush forwards I will either have to be very good with my aim, which I'm not, or I'll get splatted, which I do. Hopefully this will improve my game.

A rare Disruptor throw at the start of the battle, a sub I should remember more, and a rare direct hit with the Blaster. The brush was stationary, which helps, but doesn't always help as much as it should. That Permanent Inkbrush will come back to haunt me, though.

I follow splat with splat, clearing the Tower and hitting the corners from below, using the Blaster to its strength. My Killer Wail placement needs work, but I'm not sure improving my awareness would ever let me know where that Inkbrush came from, or avoided the splat where I thought I was out of range.

I ink an alternative route on my return, and the quick turn makes me think maybe my Gamepad sensitivity is set a little high. Still, it looks like a Seeker has come this way, saving me some time, and I press on. The Inkbrush hits me again, but I think it's safe to say he was just pushing forwards himself and just got a lucky splat. Even so, he seems to be shaking his brush suspiciously quickly.

I go in to defensive mode, lobbing Disruptors at the Tower. It takes me one throw to get my arm in. And here comes the Inkbrush, looking to cause his own disruption. And my suspicion is raised again, when my first shot splats him with a direct hit, but he isn't splatted until my second shot. Still, we clear the Tower, and start moving in the right direction.

I ink some turf before following the Tower, trailing just enough to get a couple of splats and recover the cleared Tower. Hopefully that gives us a bigger push than if I had clustered on the Tower with my squidmates in the first place. I get a bit flustered when surrounded by blue inklings, not really knowing which way to shoot, though.

Back to defensive mode, and my Disruptors and ink help my squidmates clear the Tower again, and we regain control. I head down the side and encounter the Inkbrush who, whilst maybe I don't get a direct hit, changes to a Kraken and splats me from a suspicious distance. There's not much you can do about that.

At least I discourage the Inkbrush from getting too close to our base with a Disruptor and some blasting, causing him to super-jump away. I pause to get my bearings, and press up to help recover the Tower, with a slightly unconventionally angled Killer Wail, followed by Blaster shots over the ledge. Nice!

I hold my position as my squidmates diligently push the Tower forwards again, choosing Disruptors over ink to frustrate the blue team. They still clear the Tower, and I over-estimate how far I can jump. But I track back and get another good couple of blasts from below to clear the Tower in our favour.

I clear a bit of blue ink to make things yellow again, helping us and hindering them, but that's all for us. I have two more battles that end with a disconnect, each time when we have a significant lead, and I'm thrown further down in to A- instead of rising back up. Oh well, what can you do.

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