Flicking like an idiot in Tower Control (10-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th May 2017 – 7.00 am

Have I toned down my recklessness since the previous battle? Hell no! It was a lot of fun, and as long as my current rank enables me to have that fun my battling will probably remain a little loose. Of course, getting snap-splatted by the Splat Charger reminds me that there are some skilled inklings working their way back up the ranks too.

I have such trouble getting up that small wall that I'm glad to bag a couple of splats once I manage it, although it would be better to have been splatted by the other Carbon Roller instead of squished. I come back to defend the Tower's advance, which a bit of a height advantage helps with. I drop down to splat the remaining purple inklings, and hit the Carbon Roller hard enough that she disconnects. Oops.

With the purple team one inkling down, this should become a relatively straightforward victory for us. I think my squidmate's happy about this! I start to think about the victory by heading down the side and around the back, inking what I can with less chance of being caught than normal.

I think inking my way to the goal is probably far enough, but adding a Seeker Rush towards the purple base is an improvement too. Even so, this is not turf war, and we still need to push the Tower. My squidmates are trying, but maybe I'm not supporting in the best way I can, so I head back to roll my ink where it's more needed.

The Tower comes to me as much as I go to it, and getting a splat lets me turn back towards the goal, where another Seeker Rush doesn't as much push the purple team back as delay them the next time they return to base. There's a fantastic flurry of flicking from me, as we try to turn the lead in to a knockout victory. I'm hardly being precise, but being an inkling up on our opposition there simply isn't the normal pressure to be sneakier.

A nifty double-splat on the purple team reduces the inky pressure for a crucial ten seconds, with the Tower so close to the goal, and I hop on to the Tower to ride it those last few metres, celebrating as we go.

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