Helping the push in Rainmaker (5-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

5th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've had my Blaster practice, lost a suitable amount of ranking points in the process, and swap to a more comfortable weapon to stop losing a rank itself. Out comes the Carbon Roller Deco, and hopefully I can gain enough ranking points to pull out the Blaster again tomorrow.

There's only one clear path directly out from the base on Kelp Dome Rainmaker, so I head that way behind a Seeker. I check the ink trails on my Gamepad and see one is headed for the ramp, and I prepare for a flying inkling. I was not fully prepared, it seems, but prepared enough.

Time to let me Seekers do the work of inking ahead, forging paths for me to sneak through soon. It works pretty well, letting me get close to an inkling who thinks it's safe. It's a shame there isn't as much ink on the other side of the central column, and I end up floundering slightly trying to catch up with the Rainmaker.

But I do catch up with the Rainmaker, and just about catch an inkling setting a Killer Wail. I do a victory lap or two, just working out what to do and trying to stay out of trouble. When I see we've taken the lead, the Rainmaker is being carried along a different route.

The different route is just fine, as I can circle behind from where I am, hopefully catch inklings by surprise, and provide some ink near the podium. And that's what happens. Woomy! (The green inkling doesn't seem too impressed.)

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