Double dunking the Rainmaker (12-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

8th May 2017 – 7.00 am

It's a standard start to a Rainmaker battle in Kelp Dome with the Carbon Roller Deco. My squidding goes a bit squiffy as I check to see if an inkling is coming over the ramp. Yes, it seems they are, so I prepare myself. But they don't come, so I move on. Or do they? Whatever happened, I don't think I could have prepared myself for that at all.

The first splatting doesn't give me a fuzzy feeling for this battle, but I press on, for the team. If only I noticed which way the Rainmaker was coming, rather than trying to cover the blue inkling tracks. I am in completely the wrong place, but don't realise quite how far behind I am until later, when I notice the lead we have to overcome. Bloody hell.

Before I realise we've all but lost the battle, I think I'm doing well to sneak up behind the Inkzooka. It doesn't help that it takes three good hits to splat her, leaving me close to a Splat Bomb. So it goes. My expectations for this battle are being lowered a second time. At least I know where the Rainmaker is when I return, although I'm still currently oblivious to the blue team's lead.

Phew, that's some lag on the splat notification, but I get the splat, which is the main thing. I also help splat the Rainmaker, and squid around inking some turf, letting my Ninja Squid back to get a third splat. A Seeker Rush helps burst the Rainmaker's Shield and ink some turf, and another very laggy splat on Neptune.

I think I realise the extent of the blue team's lead by now. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and I decide to head through the centre and around the back of the blue team, much as they did to get their lead in the first place. This works surprisingly well! Not only do I run headlong in to the Rainmaker, I splat them right next to the podium, and get a Seeker Rush charged!

I activate the Seeker Rush and move in to the gap to make sure I'll hit the Rainmaker's Shield, bursting it easily, and with an inked podium I just have to squid up to dunk it. Woomy! Or so I think. The Inkstrike feels late. Ah, it's from Neptune, God of Lag. But I am happy that we've taken the lead, and one that will be hard to beat. Not getting the dunking is a little disappointing, though.

I aim to go back the same way, but am diverted by the Rainmaker, breaking out alone, which makes it almost trivial to splat. I grab the Rainmaker and press forwards again, right up until I realise that I didn't actually grab the Rainmaker. So it goes. I head the other way, hoping to reclaim some turf, but feel like my time is better spent defending the Rainmaker. I go back to get a splat, but am a bit close to the Rainmaker's Shield when I get it.

Another push goes around the side, where ink comes from unknown directions. Thankfully, there's no uncertainty with what splats me again, even if the source is the laggy one. My aim is a bit off when stopping the inkling, and had one flick done the job maybe the second would have been towards the Luna Blaster. But it wasn't.

The Rainmaker is stopped again, giving us one last push. I grab the Rainmaker and drop through the grating before letting loose with some defensive Rainmaker blasts, which do actually clear a couple of inklings out of the way. I squid ahead, where a squidmate is providing some excellent inky support, and this time I get the dunking I wanted! Or do I? Blue ink flies from above and... yes! With five seconds to go, can I get a woomy!

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