Some loose aim in Tower Control (13-4, Kelp Splatterscope)

9th May 2017 – 7.00 am

A bit more charger practice for me, with the Kelp Splatterscope this time. I prefer the Splat Bombs of the basic Splatterscope in general, and although the Sprinkler is better for Splat Zones, the Killer Wail of the Kelp Splatterscope should be quite useful for Tower Control in Walleye Warehouse.

I look to take up a perch early on, and get my first bad throw of the Sprinkler out of the way. Why my squidmates come to the perch I don't know, but they drop down soon enough. One particularly lazy squidmate super-jumps to me once I'm in position. Really.

Aiming for the Tower is nice and easy, good for practice. And I stay out of trouble as a Killer Wail activates, but it does its job, forcing me down and in to trouble. Luckily, I'm not there for the next Killer Wail. I start inking turf, which also charges my Killer Wail, and the inkling on the Tower is daydreaming as it wails away.

I move up and try to snap a shot at a Squelcher ahead, and although I get a splat it's not the one I was after. That's probably better for me anyway, keeping me on the Tower for at least two seconds longer. If only I had Splat Bombs available.

I ink some more turf, get ink-blocked by a squidmate who gets the splat anyway, and ink more turf. Moving forwards has my missing a splat I maybe should have got, but lets me remember my Sprinkler again. I miss another couple of shots, before relaxing and getting a good splat on the Tower, and falling back to aim my Killer Wail.

I see where the inklings are, and aim to either splat them or limit their movements. And so limited, I squid around to bag me an excellent splat indeed, also stopping a Killer Wail coming our way. Another inkling is lucky to dodge back out of my sights.

I'm back to missing shots I perhaps should be making, but another Killer Wail chargers that clears the way ahead. But rather than forwards, I think about the side. I finally get up to the top, and throw a Sprinkler as bait. I think it works, and I hit my target. But I am looking in the wrong direction. We lose the lead, and I'm not helping.

I go back to help clear the Tower, too late, of course, and look forwards to try to make amends. A Killer Wail helps a little, and I even manage not to confuse myself by squidding in to a reciprocal Killer Wail. But still I am missing some shots that would really help if I made them. And when I get in to trouble, I really get in to trouble.

The Sprinkler may distract one inkling a little, but it's the one behind me that's the problem. I manage to get past and stay unsplatted, and snap off a partly charged shot to clear the way ahead. If a green inkling weren't toodling past on the Tower at that moment. But so it goes.

More missed shots! And I get in to more trouble, surrounded by inklings, ink, and Echolocated. The outcome is obvious. About as obvious as the outcome of the battle. I think I still need both more charger practice, and more awareness of the objective.

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