Sloshing all over the Splat Zones (7-0, Tri-slosher)

11th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I was able to redeem my battling, briefly, with the Carbon Roller Deco. I would like to see if I can transfer my new ideals to the Tri-slosher, where I almost can't help but be stupidly aggressive with. I don't think I'll mind if I can't, as I seem to do okay with the bucket enough of the time, but it would be nice if I could improve my skills across the board. Especially with chargers, but that's a bit harder.

I have to admit that I like squidding around Arowana Mall. The hidden alley offers good opportunity for flanking manoeuvres, if you can get there unnoticed. That's the hard bit, mostly. I have good, practiced speed with the Tri-slosher, though, and perhaps a little above my current Rank. I don't usually get to the middle and up and around the side without any ink touching me. It surprises the Carbon Roller too.

I pause on the platform to look for the E-litre 3K. Over this side would be expected and preferable, but he's on the opposite ledge. Not a problem! A quick squid across, and I surprise the inkling with buckets of ink. Mind you, much like Admiral Ozzel, I kinda slowed out of ink speed a bit too soon, and I got a bit lucky.

I don't want to rely on luck for the next splat, and pop my Bubbler as I dive-bomb the inkling below me. As I do, I notice the ink trail leading along our blind corridor. There's no ink trail leading up the wall, though, but I forget that Splat Zones have the extra grating that bridges the gap above. If I had remembered that sooner, maybe I'd have spotted the Carbon Roller behind sooner too.

Thankfully, my spider-sense tingles, and I turn to have the Carbon Roller bump in to me. I'm glad it's not a Splat Roller! I think she's a bit flustered, and I somehow survive, she doesn't retreat far enough, and I get another splat. I drop down to help a squidmate, who gets the splat, and notice the E-litre 3K bearing down on the Splat Zones. I reckon I can get her away from there.

I squid up and drop a Disruptor, which slows to a crawl any attempt to escape, and one Burst Bomb won't splat me. And as the E-litre 3K is splatted back to base, I'm happy to see a super-jumper is about to arrive. I make sure no one is coming up from the blind side, and get another splat. Again, this one's a bit lucky, as the Carbon Roller flicked ink as she landed. I was just far enough away, I think.

I think about pressing forwards, but decide against doing more than laying down some green ink, and turn back towards the Splat Zones. I chuck a Disruptor at a blue inkling, and am distracted by the E-litre 3K again. I decide to sneak under her, and although a squidmate has splatted the E-litre 3K by the time I get on the ledge, a super-jumper lands for me instead.

It's nice and simple to move on to the Inkzooka firing across the Splat Zones, not expecting me to come from this direction, and as I cover his tracks I notice the score. I think it's worth celebrating this knockout victory, particularly as I had such fun with the Tri-slosher. Woomy!

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