Bombs be my downfall in Splat Zones (10-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Coming up against a a .52 Gal that splats me reliably with one hit, a Carbon Roller that splats me after I splat him, and a Splattershot Jr, of all weapons, that splats me a second after I splat him, I have a stint down in B+. I come straight back up, but it's only to A- again. I'm not having a good run really.

I try to concentrate on my battling rather than try too hard to get splats, so that I will actually improve. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but somehow I keep forgetting. Or running in to latency-transcending inklings. But I definitely have to take responsibility for how I play.

My first good decision is to see the Splatterscope on the other team and, although I note her appearance, I don't make it my mission to splat her. I take a more sensible route for a Carbon Roller down the side, to open up the Splat Zone whilst remaining on cover. My second good decision is when my Seeker hits a wall early. I don't launch another to keep going along the side, just in case a yellow inkling is coming over the ramp. Nope, look to the Splat Zones.

A nice bit of movement and timing, helped by checking the gamepad, bags me a couple of decent splats early, and my Ninja Squid probably saves me from the Splatterscope. I move in when our own charger lays down some ink, but she's moved, so I retreat. I see a cluster of inklings, but there is too much ink for me to move in safely, so I look for another way. A squidmate splats them first, which suits me just fine.

The Splatterscope appears again, but a squidmate with a blaster is on top of it. I move forwards when it looks clear, but realise that I'm in the middle of a Splat Bomb Rush and try to turn around. I should have kept going forwards, though. That was kinda funny and disappointing at the same time.

I go back to the Splat Zone and miss a super-jumper, lose her trail, but still get a splat. Maybe it wasn't the same inkling. I move forwards to look for the other one, wondering if she's behind the inflatable, but a flick says no, and a Suction Bomb and Splat Bomb say retreat. But I have a Seeker Rush that should counter their ink, at least.

The Rush gets a splat, inks some turf, and lets me mostly get to the Splatterscope's perch stealthily. She must be scoping, as I get two flicks to splat her, before rolling around to ink the Splat Zone. All looks good for the moment, and we take the lead. Nice! I spy some trouble, though, and run to help, realising that a Seeker would be better. I don't get the splat, and the trouble becomes a Kraken. My Ninja Squid shirt should keep me safe, as long as I don't back myself in to a Suction Bomb.

That's a lot of ink around our base. That makes it difficult for us to move in, and easy for yellow inklings to hide in. I'm not having that, so I take care of the problem, right at the source. I move around the back to interrupt the Splatterscope's Splat Bomb Rush, and find the N-ZAP where I want her to be. Thanks for the 'Nice!', squidmate!

Hey, look, I avoid a Suction Bomb! That's progress. And I may not quite anticipate an inkling coming around a corner well enough, but at least I don't stick around where I would get in to trouble. Close by, though, but we have the turf to help with that.

A squidmate and I splat the Splatterscope again, and share another 'Nice!', just in time for the knockout victory to be declared in our favour. That was a good battle. Woomy!

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