Blasting away in Tower Control (13-7, Blaster)

17th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Twice I hit a squidmate with my Blaster as we move out. I bet it didn't hurt as much as getting splatted by the Splatterscope. I hang back, not wanting the same fate to befall me, until another blaster drops down to ink a nice path ahead of me, and be a distraction. I get a good splat on the Splatterscope. I think of riding the Tower, but another inkling is nearby.

I miss my first shot, but don't stand still to pop out another, instead squidding to the side to avoid being an easy target. It doesn't seem to matter in the end, and I get my second splat. Maybe I'll read about it on Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. I turn around and have my eyes on another charger, but run in to the Splatterscope again. This time, I'm not as cautious, but still somehow almost get away with my brazen rush in to her sights. Almost.

I should have known the outcome and squidded away. Silly me. At least I don't jump down in to yellow ink without caution, but it seems like whoever rolled through has moved on, so I move to defend against a Tower push. My Disruptor flies past everything, and although I think I have a good shot at an inkling or two, the Splatterscope picks my stationary self out easily.

We still have a Tower to defend. Shielded by a wall, can place exploding ink shots in just the right place. One yellow inkling bails out, but another stays on and a third super-jumps in, bagging me two good splats. I hop on to the Tower, and right back off, not wanting to be a target for the Splatterscope, which thankfully lets me avoid the Killer Wail.

I hide a bit whilst Echolocated, and move forwards with squidmates to clear the area. The Splatterscope is gone, but I splat the Rapid Blaster, and get really lucky when a Roller drops over the top of me, and pull out a good shot when I need it. My little streak comes to an end when going for the E-litre 3K, but missing the inked edge or extra swim speed to make the jump across the divide.

My awareness needs a bit of work. I am concentrating on the Tower and surroundings, but my Killer Wail is almost ready and there is yellow ink around. One more shot a bit sooner would have charged the Wail and let me aim it to force the E-lire 3K of the perch, maybe letting us push the Tower a bit further. Instead, I get the wrong side of a Splash Wall and don't manage to hide in safe enough place.

I look to flank the yellow team on my next venture. I don't just rush up but have a peek over the top first, and manage to surprise the Roller, but maybe not as much as I surprise myself and the Splatterscope. Being Haunted is a bit of a pain, but I get a neat splat from the side, and luckily dodge an E-litre 3K shot. I am tempted out of hiding by the Roller, who I splat as the Splatterscope returns the favour.

Another splat on the Roller, another Haunting. I retreat and find myself on the Tower, and under threat from some ink. A Bubbler will help, particularly against a Suction Bomb! Or maybe not. It does help my squidmates, though, who push the Tower in to the lead. Nice! Not long to go either, and we just have to defend successfully, which I help out with. In fact, maybe my coolest battle-ending move in a while!

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