Sloshing green ink in Rainmaker (10-5, Tri-slosher)

17th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I sensibly don't charge to the middle of Bluefin Depot too quickly, instead letting things work themselves out a little first, helped by bolder squids and long-range weapons. A bit of sloshing gets me comfortable, squiddy ghosts start appearing, and when I drop down our Dynamo Roller intimidates the Rainmaker to take a dive.

We grab the Rainmaker and start making a push, but the Hero Charger is in the way and creating a bit more threat than perhaps she should against us by herself. I think we've got her, and we do, but she poops a Splat Bomb in defence and splats two of us back. Well played, Hero Charger.

Our puny lead is easy to best, but I try to place myself well to prevent us going too far behind. Naturally, I'm in completely the wrong place, but coming from the side lets me surprise a couple of inklings. I move up to try to surprise a couple more, thanks to an Echolocator, but rush in a bit too fast, and once again don't pop my Bubbler in time.

At least on my return I have a good view of the Rainmaker's Shield bursting, and head in the right direction. So well-placed am I that I drop down to get a very nice quad splat, although quite how one inkling ended up on the ledge is beyond me. Beyond my Tri-slosher too, I would have thought. But with all the purple team gone, we can make a speedy push forwards.

A squidmate wants the Rainmaker, so I let him take it and press ahead. Up on the ledge I remember by Bubbler, which keeps me safe, and the Rainmaker behind me safe, lasting just long enough to soak up the Suction Bomb that I didn't quite walk in to to defuse it. Three more splats keeps the Rainmaker going, but towards the Hero Charger I can't reach. Or can't I? The charger drops down, probably by accident, and is caught by the Rainmaker. But the Rainmaker falls too, and I can't avoid a Splat Bomb. Still, we have an excellent lead.

I think I've sneakily gone the right way to flank the new purple push, but my reactions aren't quite quick enough to take advantage. Anyway, the purple team throw the Rainmaker in to the water to get it away from them. I come back to wait for an inkling to come up to me, but he's just preparing the wall, it seems, so instead I ink it back to green to frustrate him, and keep it that way, throwing the occasional Disruptor to be more frustrating. If they hit, which I don't think they do, particularly the one that hits the rail in front of me.

I drop down to follow the purple Rainmaker, not quite surprising the Splattershot Jr I was following but being completely unexpected by the Hero Charger, which also delights a squidmate. I continue on, just a bit behind the Splattershot Jr, who hopes his Bubbler will be my undoing. Nope, I have one too. I don't really get to splat anyone, but I assist my squidmates, and we take back control of the Rainmaker.

Just a few seconds left, and the Rainmaker is on the lower-level of Bluefin Depot. A bit of simple defence is all that's required and we get the victory. Woomy!

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