Solidly securing the Splat Zones (9-0, Tri-slosher)

18th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I think the Tri-slosher will work well in Moray Towers Splat Zones. I am quite mobile with it, going down or up the other side, and sloshing down in to our Splat Zone should come in quite useful. Indeed, that's how I start the battle, making a bee-line for the perch above our Splat Zones.

Okay, I've secured the Splat Zone. Now what? No one is coming my way, and the my squidmates aren't at the other Splat Zone. Or maybe inklings are coming my way, and I just haven't noticed. One of our two chargers is on top of the one inkling aiming very high, so I just tidy up behind the blue inkling. It all helps.

But still our Splat Zone is untouched by blue ink. If there's nothing to do here, I really should be looking to secure the other Splat Zone. I enter skirmishing mode, and hope I'm not about to be too reckless. I sneak around the side and head up to be above the Splat Zone, better for my Tri-slosher, and see the inky swishing of a brush ahead. I sensibly activate my Bubbler before I reach the brush, and splat him out of the way before looking towards the Splat Zone.

I start sloshing, but a blue charger laser sweeps over me, and I run out of ink to splat from above. I back off, recharge my ink tank, and keep pushing forwards a little, backwards a little. I splat the returning brush, and keep an eye out for the charger. But a misstep sends me where I don't want to be, in plain sight of whoever is below me. I do only what I should, and drop down completely. A bit of nifty squidding, a bit of luck, and a bit of patience gets me out of that pickle.

There's no time to get back up via the wall, not with the E-litre 3K lobbing Burst Bombs my way. But with a squidmate behind me, a little manoeuvring gets the E-litre 3K out of the way and me on my way to be above the Splat Zone again. I see a squidmate battle a blue inkling too late to help, but I follow-up by inking more turf for greater advantage. The advantage pays off quickly, as the E-litre 3K squids along looking to cover over my work.

Our Splat Zone became contested a little before this, and the blue Splat Zone now becomes contested too. I trust in my squidmates to take care of our Splat Zone, as I hope they trust me to take care of this one. I just about recapture it as a blue charger laser sweeps over me from above. I can't stay here! I move up, but not too far, and assess the situation. I think I miss seeing the inklings in the Splat Zone, but I don't miss the E-litre 3K dropping down. I follow and use my Bubbler to splat him back to base again.

Back to above the Splat Zone, and I retake control, even if I don't get a splat. My ink hit something down there. I pause, but think I am better on the move. My squid-sense must have been tingling, as I catch the E-ltire 3K quite focussed on where I was. And beyond him, the Splat Charger dropping down from the ledge. The chase is on! I have the benefit of knowing I'm chasing him, which gives me a distinct advantage.

I squid up the wall this time, feeling pretty confident. I have realised for a while that I have yet to be splatted, but I also see that we are only a few points from the knockout victory, and are in control of both Splat Zones. That's definitely worth a 'Nice!'

We lose control just as our counter hits 1, and as we need just one last little push, I make a sacrificial move and drop down to slosh ink over the Splat Zones more directly. As luck would have it, I slosh over a blue inkling, get the splat, and the inky result secures the Splat Zone for us, and for the knockout victory! I don't think I've battled this well for a while. Woomy!

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