Back to having no scope in Tower Control (6-5, Kelp Splat Charger)

19th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've seen some clips of chargers without scopes being very cool, and so I made the logical leap that if I took the scope off my charger, I would be cool too! It makes sense. I've chosen the Kelp Splat Charger so that the Sprinkler could charge my Killer Wail, and the Killer Wail can clear the Tower. I probably have more chance of aiming the Killer Wail properly too.

Argh! It is very peculiar to charge a shot and not zoom in through a scope. It doesn't feel like I'm charging, or moving, or doing anything. Hopefully the sensation will wear off quickly, because I'm freaking out a little. I still make it to a perch and start inking turf, which I must be doing because I'm not splatting anyone.

My first splat of the day! And it's from the Sprinkler! My first one wasn't take as bait, but the second, only really meant as a distraction, does a better job than expected, keeping me nice and safe. And with the Sprinkler at my back, I get my first shot on target too. What a team we make! Exploding in purple ink makes me wonder if my Sprinkler is a double-agent, but, nope, it's just an E-litre 3K Scope on the other side of the Depot. Doesn't he know scopes are démodé?

Of course, I shouldn't take on the E-litre 3K, so I obviously don't go to the same side as him, or get flanked by a Tri-slosher. That would be silly. My Tower defence is somewhat lacklustre too. And although I shouldn't expect to splat a brush in full motion, when he's stopped to dispose of my Sprinkler I should be ready and accurate. But I'm still practicing, I suppose. And I'm not sure if I splat the inkling on the Tower with my Splat Charger, or if the Sprinkler did it again.

Finally, I get a Killer Wail charged! I even splat someone with it. I think about following that by clearing the Tower, but the E-litre 3K has other ideas. I ignore the Tower on it's next purple push, not sure why, instead checking our flank. Seems clear, so I drop down to see if I can surprise the E-litre 3K. Nope, but the Tri-slosher probably wasn't expecting to see me. That lets me hang around a bit longer, get a bit bolder. Not much longer, mind you.

A nice, moving-target splat at last! There aren't many more opportunities for those this late in the battle, and my best hope to be productive is to ride the Tower. There's an awful lot of purple ink around, though, and a brush hopping on and off with Ink Mines doesn't bode well for much of an advance. Still, I tried, and this battle shows I may be able to have some fun with an unscoped charger for a bit.

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