Some Splatterscoping behind the Splat Zones (7-3, Kelp Splatterscope)

19th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I nearly pull myself up out of A-, thanks to some decent battling. It doesn't look that way, after one knockout defeat and a dropped connection knocks a chunk of points off me, but I was close. I think it's time to pull out the Splatterscope to get some practice in, whilst I'm probably in the right rank to use it.

I choose the Kelp Splatterscope for the Splat Zones. Splat Bombs will probably come in useful either way, and I don't think the Killer Wail will be much use on Moray Towers, but the Sprinkler will be useful. If I remember it. I don't use one often.

I finally remember how to do mini-shots for inky progress with the Splatterscope, and make immediate use of it. It's just a slightly longer shot than dabbing the trigger, but not quite enough to charge anything. I kinda mess up where my first perch will be, though, but I correct myself quickly.

The perch is good to cover our Splat Zone, and should keep me out of the way of the E-litre 3K Scope, if he stays on the normal perch. But I can't really stay here all battle. I move forwards when our Splat Zone looks safe, and realise I can ink a corner of the other Splat Zone. But, of course, I'm in range of the E-litre 3K. I need to watch out for him.

I try my hand at the jumping shot from behind a wall. Not a bad effort, as I have almost never tried it before, but more practice required. And I was just trying to squid as I belatedly notice the E-litre 3K's laser sweep on to me. Oops.

I remember my Sprinkler, but not how to throw one. A second try is better. My aim is also slightly off, but I don't practice too much with a charger these days. Maybe I should. I get the splat when it counts, at least. I keep our side of Moray Towers teal for a bit, but retreat when an Echolocator hits.

My Sprinkler's still there. Do they keep running until replaced, destroyed, or I'm splatted? That's pretty good. I replace it, hoping to use it as bait, but the inkling isn't fooled. Not a problem, though, as she stands still long enough, aiming for a squidmate, for me to splat her anyway.

The Splat Zones have stagnated a bit. I move up to lend a hand. Not far, but perhaps far enough, as I splat the E-litre 3K again. At least he's daring to push further in to the map, I suppose. But I seem to be doing okay for my team too. Mind you, I think I aim that Killer Wail at a squidmate.

The E-litre 3K Scope gets some quick revenge, and I return to cover my splatting, before giving our Splat Zone the attention its starting to need. One splat is good, a second is in my sights, but the E-litre 3K is there to stop me. Nice shot! I don't return the favour as he squids up to splat a squidmate, but I cause him to pause, and that gives my squidmate time to react.

Two more splats keep our Splat Zone teal as the clock ticks down, and we finish the battle with a healthy lead and victory. Woomy!

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