Some hits, some misses, in Splat Zones (7-4, Hero Charger Replica)

20th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm sticking with an unscoped charger for the moment, but doesn't the Hero Charger Replica have an extra two pixels range? Maybe, but even if it doesn't, it's pretty much the same as the Splat Charger, and it looks different. I'm still getting used to not zooming in, and having to aim anyway.

Does the Hero Charger use more ink for a Splat Bomb? It feels like it does, but in a later battle it also feels like it uses less ink for shots. I don't have to aim as much with Splat Bombs, which makes me want to swap to the Splat Charger, but I want to practice aiming, so maybe I should stick with the Hero Charger. And maybe it's actually a difference between the Splat Charger and Splatterscope. I dunno.

I also don't really know how my Splat Bomb splats the Roller, but I'll take it, particularly as I then badly fumble inking a wall and not being a bit stupid. How embarrassing. I try to cover the yellow inky path up the wall behind us, but completely miss the one I'm sitting on, even when I turn around and it's all yellow. Ignore that, and concentrate on that sweet splat on the opposite charger. Nice.

Everything calms down for a bit, and we take a healthy lead. I snap at my next shot, but steady myself and get the splat immediately afterwards. This is the kind of splat I need to make first time, hence the practice. A Splat Bomb Rush helps with a splat and ink afterwards, before I act a bit rashly in the sights of the Splatterscope. I ought to have moved.

I was sure I hit one of my shots at inkling on the ledge, but I am still pulling them a bit. At least I have ink for a Splat Bomb when he comes for me, but I get quite lucky to stay unsplatted. I roll another good Splat Bomb, which clears the way for me and the Splatterscope to tangle again. Did I not hit her? I left a purple puddle right where she still stands. She doesn't have that problem. Oh well.

I don't have the aim, ink, or Splat Bomb skills to defend myself in an encounter much like the earlier one, but I manage not to squid in to trouble when trying to retake our Splat Zone. My squidmates coming along to help, and we are purple once more. Just as a yellow tendril reaches out for me too. This time I'm a bit smarter, and get a decent splat whilst the Splatterscope has tunnel vision.

We stay in control of the Splat Zones as the clock ticks down, and with a few seconds to go I nullify the effects of a yellow Inkstrike to ensure there's no extra time. Victory to us, woomy!

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