Showing a bit of form in Splat Zones (9-5, Hero Charger Replica)

21st May 2017 – 7.00 am

It's taken a few battles, but I think I'm getting back in to the swing of aiming a charger. Well, as much as I was before. Maybe a little less. But I feel pretty good when I get a good splat from an awkward angle, realise a Roller is coming up behind me and press ahead, get a nice splat from a nicely thrown Splat Bomb, make my escape from the Roller, and get back around to the Splat Zones.

I hear an inkling coming, but I don't... ah. I could have placed myself better there. Not even Ninja Squid lets you get up a wall stealthily. I get as high as possible on my return, as the Carbon Roller is still around, and think I've messed up my Splat Bomb as I squid uselessly on the top of the wall, but things work out. Nice.

The Luna Blaster deserves a 'Nice!' for splatting that inkling around the corner. It's what they're meant to do, but it's worth a pat of the back when done well. I sense the Carbon Roller's return, but don't time my Splat Bomb well enough. I think he's looking for me, but I realise, too late, that he's waiting for a super-jumping squidmate.

One Splat Bomb Rush later and still I can't get rid of the Carbon Roller. And here comes a Luna Blaster. That's a nice pressure splat, though. And to follow it I get a second, on the Carbon Roller, who doesn't think to flick on his way down. It looks safe to ink the Splat Zones now, but appearances can be deceptive, Oswald Cox.

In all the excitement, we've taken the lead by one point, and are just about holding on to it. We get a few more points under our belts too. It's not really worth my trying to retake the Splat Zones when two blue inklings are in Bubblers, though, and my shot isn't quite timed for when the Bubbler drops. But they are pushed back at least, and I use my charger to cover the tracks of a Seeker Rush.

It looks like a blue inkling is hanging back and throwing the occasional sub in to the Splat Zones. I decide to go to the conventional charger perch to see if I can reach them and push them away, but that goes badly in their favour. Back to Plan A. Okay, maybe Plan B, where I miss shots and get splatted. But Plan A, where I make cool shots and stay unsplatted, would be better.

And I get back to Plan A as the battle draws to a close. I splat the Luna Blaster hassling my squidmate, cover the Splat Zones with some ink, and bag two splats under pressure as the clock ticks to nought. I bet the Luna Blaster wishes she hadn't super-jumped back to the action.

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