Charging beside the Rainmaker (7-4, Hero Charger Replica)

23rd May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I spy that inkable block for Rainmaker. That'll stop me taking the long route around the side for no reason. I get up on to the perch nice and quickly, but the Rainmaker Shield once more obstructs my aim. And I almost have a point this time, because despite my first shot, pulled upwards, when I wait for the shield to be burst I get two good splats!

The Rainmaker is grabbed and I follow behind when I have enough space. But the excitement of a quick run gets the better of me, and my other squidmates, and we really are much too close together for safety, particularly with a Range Blaster ahead of us. We pay the price for our clumsiness.

I hold back a bit more sensibly on my return, providing support, or the best I can manage. I push forwards as the Rainmaker is released again, and forced forwards by a Killer Wail, then blasted unexpectedly in the back. Super-jumping back just as we lose the Rainmaker may be a mistake, but I land safely, grabbing the Rainmaker in the midst of a Suction Bomb Rush, and not quite managing to avoid them all.

Another cautious pause, until the Rainmaker is dunked in the water by the green team. Not a bad choice, but we're right at the middle and get on a push again. I get a decent splat from behind the Rainmaker to help clear the way, roll a Splat Bomb to help keep it clear, and back up to get another decent splat under pressure.

The Rainmaker goes forwards, avoiding Suction Bombs like a boss, and I look behind. I don't catch the Bubblered inkling with a Splat Bomb, and don't see her disappear, but a squidmate must have splatted her, so onwards we go! And back we come, to avoid an Inkstrike. It shepherds the Rainmaker, though, and we lose it again.

My aim lets me down badly as the Rainmaker Shield is pelted with ink, missing shot after shot. It seems I got a bit tense. But I dodge the Killer Wail, which is something. And my squidmates survive pretty well, too, and grab the Rainmaker for another push. All looks good, as my Splat Bomb Rush helps my squidmates to clear the path to the podium, and although I'm splatted it looks like the knockout is coming!

Nope, not yet, denied just before the dunk. But we're winning 3-100 with under a minute to play, so hopefully we've got this sewn up. I get myself to a good position to defend the Rainmaker's return, and get a good splat on an inkling coming to flank me, a good second-attempt splat on the Rainmaker, and one last splat to inflate my numbers as the battle ends. Woomy!

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