Eventually being useful in Rainmaker (5-2, Tri-slosher)

24th May 2017 – 7.00 am

Trying to jump around the Rainmaker to engage the yellow inklings doesn't quite go to plan, but at least I'm safely knocked to the ground. Or so I think. Maybe a less direct route would be better. A squidmate agrees, although I am now quite aware that the yellow team have pushed the Rainmaker quite far, and I am in completely the wrong place.

Thankfully, my squidmates get the Rainmaker under control, and my coming from the wrong direction inks a good portion of turf. My Bubbler even charges, so that it's ready when the yellow inklings come to admire all the blue turf, and I suppose it saves me, but by throwing me off the top of Flounder Heights.

My return to the top of the Heights doesn't get me splatted, and I don't charge head-on in to trouble. Not right away. For some reason, the massive blast of the Rainmaker pointing towards me doesn't register as a threat. Maybe I can claim that I fell off the ledge. At least the squidmate who super-jumps to my position gets overlooked, and he seems to splat the Rainmaker.

Whee, my first splat, almost two minutes in to the battle! I pick my moment, waiting for the Rainmaker to blithely walk under my slosh zone, and bucket ink down. A squidmate recovers the Rainmaker, and I keep my height advantage to help with inking turf. It soon clear that I need to be elsewhere, though, so I move across, and instead of waiting for them to squid the wall, jink on to the grate and engage them from above.

Above and below, splatting the Rainmaker with some upwards sloshing. From there I ink a path ahead, trying to get rid as much of the yellow as possible, and chucking a Disruptor in case of hiding squids. No one's there, and my bucket runs dry, so it's time to squid ahead.

There's more blue turf ahead than I realised, with just the ramp to the podium needing some ink. Of course, there's yellow resistance, but my Bubbler works well this time, as I activate it closer to the yellow inklings.

Three quick splats leave the way clear, and the Rainmaker is right behind me, giving me a great view of the dunking that not even a Burst Bomb can stop. Woomy!

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