Flanking for the victory in Rainmaker (10-7, Tri-slosher)

24th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I try to make use of our Splatterscope's ink to go faster, rather than slosh redundant ink. It works to get me closer to the E-litre 3K scope faster. Even though it's the Octoshot Replica that splats me, I'm more concerned about the E-litre 3K and attribute the splat to him anyway. Hence my attempt to flank the charger, although I accidentally happen to almost support the Rainmaker as I do. Not that I get anywhere.

Let's go in the other direction! Or not, because the Rainmaker is advancing quickly! I get a good slosh in, and leave my squidmates to deal with the Rainmaker, because I'm a bit of an arse, and head off with intentions to flank the E-litre 3K. It's a serious bit of flanking too, going the longest way around. But the E-litre 3K is too high up for my bucket, and I can't squid up a wall, apparently.

I turn back to consider my options, which gets me embroiled in supporting the Rainmaker. I like to feel I'm contributing. Splatting the Killer Wailer is fun, and that opens a short-cut to the top level, which I actually manage to do for once. The E-litre 3K is looking in the other direction, and although my own tunnel vision gets me splatted, I splat my target. I was never going to last up on that level anyway.

That route worked once, so I try it again, and get in to a stand-off. Maybe I shouldn't try jumping a Kraken next time. I try slowing down the brush with a Disruptor, but she's faster than my throw. I try a second time, but a good splat beats me to it. That's a nice shot! I can't hit with an area-effect, but a direct shot gets the splat. I have to admire it later, though, as we are Echolocated and I don't want to do something silly.

I don't do something silly. I do something pretty neat! My Disruptor drains my ink tank, but thank goodness for my Bubbler charging as I'm cornered. I pop the Bubbler, refilling my ink tank and letting me survive and get a splat. I head around and up the top, enjoying the clanking footsteps of the squidmate joining me, and slosh down on the running brush. Over the podium and I throw a Disruptor at the Dual Squelcher, following up as he tries to escape, but slow from the Disruptor. And from there down and around the corner, as I realise we have the Rainmaker, for a good flanking splat on the E-litre 3K. Nice!

I go back up to the top to ink a path and be disruptive, but get wary of the E-litre 3K's reappearance, and fall to my doom. So it goes. On my return, I ink one wall as a diversion before squidding cautiously up another. The Rainmaker's Shield provides some ink and gets the E-litre 3K's attention, but my Bubbler charges at the right time again. And with the Rainmaker beside me, a bit of ink up the wall lets us take the long-held lead away from the teal team! Also nice!

We just need to defend for ten seconds or so, and the battle has been turned around. This is a good moment for a sacrificial move, and I squid up to engage the Rainmaker directly. I get splatted for my efforts, but get the splat, reset the Rainmaker, and help us secure the victory! On top of that, I return to A Rank for the first time in what feels like ages. Woomy!

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