A bit of a blast in Splat Zones (5-4, Blaster)

25th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I've not played with the Blaster for a while. A few battles reminds me why: it's pretty difficult to do well. That means I need more practice! I also know some people think the Blaster is not suited to Splat Zones, unconvinced about its ink coverage, but I think it will do just fine. And running head-first in to a Splatterscope is no different with a Blaster than any other weapon. At least my Disruptor hits back.

I wish I could warn the Splatterscope about the Suction Bomb, and I know how easy it is to overlook them. I manage to stay back and ink over the mess, which is something. We capture our Splat Zone and I try to shoo off a purple inkling, but he goes by himself. What I realise a bit late is that he's charging his Special. What he doesn't realise is that I accidentally manage to flank him.

I watch for more flanking inklings, and two look to be coming. One's the Splatterscope, who is looking to catch us off-guard across the water. But her Splat Bomb Rush pulls her closer, at just the time that I've moved closer, and I splat away the threat. I also spot where the Splattershot is hiding in the ink, and get a really satisfying direct splat. If the rest of the battle goes this well, it's going to be amazing!

Trying to continue my splatting, I lurk and watch for flankers. The Spattershot predictably returns, but I fluff my first shot a little, and his manoeuvring gets the better of me. I head in the other direction on my return, and make good use of a Disruptor to highlight and slow a target, getting an easier splat because of it. And maybe I should use my Killer Wail sooner, given the corridor ahead of me, but I survive and use it to get a splat in the end.

I spend a bit of time frustrating the Luna Blaster with consecutive Disruptors, but pushing forwards for the splat misses seeing the squidding Splattershot, and I'm sent back to base. I come back to keep the Splat Zones inked, but getting too close to an inkling results in my leaving a purple splotch in the wrong place.

We only need to control the Splat Zones for a little time longer, and I super-jump to a squidmate to try to reduce the time away from the zones. I have little to do in the opposition zone, as it turns out, and end up throwing Disruptors at a Splattershot. Maybe they help, as she gets splatted, and with the zones recaptured moments later the battle is won! Woomy!

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