Rolling around the Splat Zones (13-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

25th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

A Seeker for my squidmates, but I'm heading around the side to get to the other Splat Zone. Eventually, at least. Or not even eventually, as a blue inkling going the longer way around gets my attention. But I'm cautious not to get splatted, and that means I am too far behind to make a difference, the inkling splatted just as I catch up to him. Never mind, I keep rolling on.

I make it to the other side, and wonder why my Seeker Rush isn't working. Because it isn't charged. The only Seeker launched hits its target, though, charging the Rush, and I let loose, getting another splat and inking some turf. After making it a little awkward for the blue team, I turn my attention to the Splat Zone, but have to hide when a Sloshing Machine is ahead of me.

The Sloshing Machine runs out of ink, so I press ahead, but lose him in the ink. I win the close-quarter encounter, but have to keep moving with some inky pressure behind me. The blue inkling looks to follow me, hence my cautious manoeuvring that apparently wasn't required, but I return to the Splat Zone with a Seeker Rush charged.

That's a nice Seeker double-splat, but if only my Carbon Roller flick had more range, as the inklings above me are a bit too safe, and I am easily flushed out by a Sprinkler. I am a bit too cautious when returning to the Splat Zone, and mess up what could have been a positive Seeker, but I manage to stay mostly in control, right up until I could have done with a bit more ink on a wall to avoid a Killer Wail.

Going around the side has worked so far, so I continue heading that way. It's maybe not such a good idea this time, as I find myself in a crossfire of blue ink. Don't ask me how, but I survive and escape, returning with a Seeker Rush that splats one inkling and forces another too close. But talking of too close, I find myself between two Ink Mines with no easy escape route.

We lose the lead soon after, not that I realised we had the lead, but regain control pretty quickly with a good team effort. The Sloshing pressure is repelled, and I get good splats on the two Aerospray RGs, which all combines to give us back the lead. A Killer Wail lets the blue team advance, but bunching together is bad for them against my Roller. But if only I could get to the inkling launching the Inkstrike sooner, but my leap instead makes me vulnerable.

I try to track the Aerospray RG who splats me as he crosses the bridge, sending a Seeker his way, but my progress is tracked by the Splatterscope. But it's okay, as my squidmates are on top of circumstances, splatting inklings and regaining control of the Splat Zones to end extra time for the victory. Woomy!

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