Rollers and chargers in Rainmaker (10-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

This is an interesting pair of team compositions. Rollers and chargers, with one shooter on our team. It's not really what I'd expect to see in Rainmaker, but I'm sure we can make it work. My first splat is mutual, which perhaps I should have made sure of, but flicking between boxes is going to negate some of my ink.

Do those two chargers sniff me out? What's going on there? No one else is around me, and I am hidden in the ink. Thankfully, I make it clear, and even somehow get the upper hand on another Roller whilst I am Echolocated. But something is probably happening with the Rainmaker. As it turns out, the teal team has it and has taken the lead. I'm asleep here.

I turn around to try to support the team, but end up sitting in the middle of the map playing with one of the chargers. Maybe that's taking some pressure off the Rainmaker, but I dunno. Either way, my timing to turn back is pretty good, as I am there to support our next push directly. A sneaky squid waits for us up on the ledge, but I take one for the team and manage to squeeze out a Seeker that lets the Rainmaker continue.

I head back the same way, where the Rainmaker is available but no one really wants to pick it up. Me neither, but having me ahead and somehow still unsplatted after bumping in to a charger encourages a squidmate to pick it up and run. And run she does, almost all the way to the podium! She doesn't quite make it, and maybe I could have inked the podium for her instead of turning to focus on a Roller below, but we have a really strong lead.

We also have the Rainmaker right next to the podium, just not really the ink to burst its shield. That's okay, the teal team can do it for us. The podium shields me from the burst, and I try to claim a sneaky dunk, but I'm not fooling anyone. When the teal team makes their next push, I see our charger has the corridor covered from our side, so it makes more sense for me to head around the back. It works out well.

Trying to surprise a charger doesn't work out quite as well, being squished for having to flick twice. I get my aim right the next time, and in a bigger pool of teal ink, but not on the second inkling, who Burst Bombs me back to base. I look to sneak around the side afterwards, but it feels a bit risky when Echolocated, and circle back around.

We are in defence mode at this point, it seems. I quite like this. We are pushing the teal team back, but without being unsporting by taking the Rainmaker somewhere inaccessible. And with a few seconds left, a squidmate grabs it to make sure we aren't caught out, letting us end the battle safe and secure. Woomy!

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