Seeking here and there in Rainmaker (15-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th May 2017 – 7.00 am

After a cautious start, I think I make a decent pounce at a target, but my flicking either isn't quite good enough, or an inkling kitted out for run speed is just a bit too quick for me. I pick my moment well on my return, though, even if it takes a couple of attempts, to splat the Rainmaker. We recover it and I push ahead, but again I fall foul of the run-speed inkling, who rather suspiciously tip-toes around a Seeker by millimetres.

The turf near our podium hasn't been touched yet, and we could probably use a speedy exit from our base in this direction too. I stop half-way to launch a cheeky Seeker, which cheekily catches the Rainmaker. But as I dive down to press this minor advantage, I am hit with an Echolocator, and soon after a .52 Gal Deco when I have nowhere to hide.

I sensibly pause as the Rainmaker resets with one of our Killer Wails blasting over it, and get in to a good position to splat the Splatling with a lucky Seeker. But staying in that good spot just makes me a target in return. The Rainmaker stays in roughly the same position, so I return in roughly the same manner. My Seeker does the trick again, and although the Rainmaker squids by, I catch up and help my squidmates with the cross-fire.

Another Echolocator hits, making me a target, but thankfully not splatted. I squid around until I shake it off, and press forwards with the Rainmaker. Deja vu with the Seeker Rush and inkling diving down, but this time I'm ready with a flick of my Roller, allowing me to survive for a few seconds longer. But as one Seeker splats me, one of mine splats back. And all that ink and support lets our Rainmaker carrier take the lead!

How hard is it to get up an inked wall? Pretty tricky, sometimes. I suppose it lets all the green team get past me, so by the time I am up and over I have some targets to surprise, one more than the other. The Rainmaker has now shifted to the other side of the map, so my focus shifts with it. I try to hide from the green team, as it looks like they are coming my way, but am pushed back until I am ousted. Despite this, I get lucky to close with the Splatling and get a splat.

I get away from the green ink and return to throw some purple around. Once more, a Seeker from the side is unexpected, and a bit of height keeps me relatively safe. A Killer Wail keeps the green Rainmaker carrier safe as the battle enters extra time, and although I can't catch up to end the battle, my squidmates have it covered. Woomy!

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