Getting close in Rainmaker (10-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

That's a lucky Seeker splat at the start of the battle. I'm not even sure who it hit or where. Backing that up with a second splat to protect me and the Rainmaker is happy bonus. I push forwards with another Seeker, to ink a line for the Rainmaker, and push higher when it looks like we're making progress. I hit resistance soon enough, but we've made a pretty good start.

I really confuse myself when trying to track and catch up with the teal team's first push. They are heading around the side, up in to our side corridor, and I don't know if I can flank them quickly enough, or get up and around to confront them directly. I end up super-jumping back to base, after fiddling for a bit, clearly forgetting about the inkable block just next to me, offering jump access to the corridor. Oops. Thankfully, my squidmates are in a better position.

The dilemma remains, but with time on my side. And with a Splash wall in front of me, I go around. One inkling is caught on the block, another can't get away in time, and the Rainmaker is taken out by a squidmate. A teal inkling super-jumping in is in for a shock too. We get another go with the Rainmaker.

An attempt to flank us runs straight in to my Roller, and with every angle looking to be covered I hang back to shake off the Echolocator and get ink for Seekers. The next push doesn't get too far, though, and we are on the wrong end of a Seeker Rush. The Rainmaker's going nowhere though, so again I wait for support before failing to grab the Rainmaker. But that's okay. I go a different way, a little distracted, and actually remember the inkable block to go to help directly. If only I could have inked it more efficiently.

Never run headlong in to a Seeker Rush or the Rainmaker. I should remember this more often. It helps me stay unsplatted, as well as sending me to where an attempt at flanking is happening again. I even stay out of range of the Rainmaker's Shield bursting, splat the Rainmaker, and stay out of range again. Is this personal improvement? I hope so! I do a little dance with a Gal before he runs off to be more help elsewhere, but I catch up and help defend.

All looks clear as a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker, and he squids away at speed. I'm a little behind, but that's good, as I catch the Carbon Roller mid-Seeker Rush, giving us a clearer path ahead. By the time I'm with the Rainmaker, he's almost on the podium. That's worth a 'Nice!', even prematurely, as this almost certainly wins us the battle. Half a minute to go, and we really only need to defend successfully.

The Rainmaker doesn't get close to us, my squidmates being nicely in control, and an Inkstrike and my Seeker Rush bursts the Rainmaker shield with less than ten seconds to go. Rather than use Seekers, I squid ahead to grab the Rainmaker, to better make sure of the battle. And indeed the battle ends on time with us in control. Woomy!

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