Invinci-squids in Rainmaker (8-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th May 2017 – 7.00 am

There's a little flurry of activity around the Rainmaker as always at the start of the battle. I mostly hang back, not wanting to get splatted for nothing, until I see a Splat Roller hide behind the boxes. I ninja squid the other way and flick some ink, getting two partial hits but not splat. It happens, I suppose.

I retreat as the Roller becomes a Kraken, and stop retreating to avoid a Killer Wail. I return ostensibly to support the Rainmaker, but I don't get there in time, so I try to clear the area of inklings. Another good flick gets me nothing, and neither do another two partial hits. I'm getting suspicious now.

If I can't splat squids, I take the opportunity to run with the Rainmaker. A Splat Charger inks a path for me up the block to the side, but when I get up there I'm shown that the Splat Roller has no problem splatting me. I get back to position myself so that no one will get past me, but revise my policy when a Kraken comes my way. He can pass. The Rainmaker, though, shows that I can splat inklings. Good!

Naturally, my Carbon Roller can't squish an inkling in one go, but my reactions perhaps could have been better with the flick. Maybe as a result, but maybe not, we lose the lead. I return to hit the flank of the Rainmaker, where the orange inklings are super-jumping back to, hidden from the main view, getting myself a good pair of splats. I wasn't expecting the third to come in, unfortunately, but, now lacking support, he gets splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield.

With their eagerness to push, the orange team is wiped and we get another chance with the Rainmaker. I hold back a little, though, making it harder for the orange team to move around our base and easier for us. I catch up and finally get a decent flick on a Roller, but not the one that was resistant earlier. He rolls over me from the side almost immediately. At least a Seeker of mine splats the Rainmaker.

I head down the side to flank the orange team, but pause to support my squidmates. And, hey, I splat the awkward Splat Roller! Okay, we'll all normal squids after all. Spurred on by this knowledge, I probably make a mistake in bursting the Rainmaker's Shield when I'm by myself, compounded by getting splatted. I can do better. Judging by my positioning to let the Rainmaker's Shield get burst, maybe I can't do better.

I probably think I'm doing something good by going right around the edge, but I dunno what. At least I find the Rainmaker and help support it before anything goes wrong. Sneaking under the Kraken is a neat trick, and better than squidding in to a Splat Roller's flick. No, I'm sure I can do better, I just need to focus.

There's not much time left to show what I can do. Getting to the centre of the map and launching an inconsequential Seeker isn't really something for the highlight reel. Oh well, there are more battles to be had.

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