Stealing splats in Splat Zones (5-0, Tri-slosher)

30th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's no one coming down the corridor as I head around the side, so I keep going, hoping to flank some orange inklings. I don't see any, though, not even when one is soon reappearing at their base. I turn around to look for inklings with a fresh height advantage, but still see none, and my diversion has cost us control of the Splat Zones. No problem, I'm approaching them now.

My squidmates capture the Splat Zones, and I see inklings here and there, so I drop down to see if I can contribute. My Bubbler is ready, which helps, and I add a tiny bit of ink to a splat that my squidmate pushes my way. I share my Bubbler with him as thanks. Circling around the back of the crate gets another splat that's perhaps not best contributed to me, as my slosh was minor compared to the Splat Bomb. I need the help occasionally.

I get what looks like a good Disruptor throw, but it doesn't quite work against the Kraken. I back off and hide from the Kraken, or think I do, at least, as changing my view shows me just resting against a block. It's good that I wasn't the Kraken's target. An Inkstrike pushes me away from the Splat Zones, but a trip around the back doesn't find anything, so I pull myself back again.

I help keep the Splat Zones inked for a bit, pushing forwards to avoid the Inkzooka, but tempted back by an inkling who disappears. But the Splat Zones turn teal again, which is the main thing. I head backwards for a bit, covering over some orange ink to make our movement easier, and return to manoeuvre around and through the Splat Zones, keeping them inked and finding the occasional splat.

I see another target ahead of me, and move to flank them, but before I get there the battle ends. That was quick! Good work by my squidmates.

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