Getting the runaround in Splat Zones (12-3, Tri-slosher)

31st May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Mmm, an E-litre 3K on Moray Towers. Will I be target practice for him, or can I sneak around him? I go for the sneaky option, naturally, but find no E-litre 3K when I get to the normal perch. There is another inkling, though, and an active Echolocator drops another in to my lap when I have a Bubbler ready. Thanks, squidmate!

I get above the green Splat Zone, with a squidmate, and spy the E-litre 3K. I move down to go for the splat, but he moves on and I get distracted. At least I don't engage the shooter directly, but use my Tri-slosher to its advantage. I don't get that splat, but I stay in a good position, and when the E-litre 3K returns I move positively. Even with an Echolocator on me, I come out on top.

Getting back to ink the Splat Zones gets the job done, for a moment, but I am blindsided and don't react quickly enough. That lets me go back to ink our own Splat Zone for a bit. I am a bit disappointed that my Tri-slosher didn't quite protect me, but so it goes. The Splat Zones are shared, the wrong colour on each.

I go back to the same spot, taking care not to run in to any hiding inkling, and nearly succumb to an Inkstrike. That makes everything green long enough for us to lose the lead. I get back to sloshing our Splat Zone, and see an active inkling thwarting me below. Running out of ink is a problem, so I pop my Bubbler to refill my tank, dropping down to be more confrontational. It goes well.

Some inky pressure comes my way, so I press forwards without looking back. A squidmate is taking care of the other Splat Zone, so I lend a hand, moving up to apply some of our own pressure. The E-litre 3K is further up, and cannot snap off a strong enough shot at me, giving me opportunity to ink more turf, the Splat Zone, and charge my Bubbler again.

I use the Bubbler as I push higher, the green laser of the E-litre 3K on me. I perhaps push my luck as I get pushed back by a shooter, but the shooter pushes her luck more, and I follow up by splatting the E-litre 3K too. I'm glad he's not as skilled with Burst Bombs as some other E-litre 3K users I've encountered.

I recapture the green Splat Zone, but not for long, and pressure comes on two fronts. The E-litre 3K is back, and an Inkstrike comes rushing in. The E-litre 3K is not looking for me, letting me pounce, but we lose control of the Splat Zones, which seems more important. I circle back up and help a squidmate lower down with the Splat Zone, but again the E-litre 3K is back. Neither of us wants a direct confrontation, and I lose my target. I do the sensible thing and back right off, which happily finds my target again, and turns the Splat Zone purple. Nice!

Another circle splats the returning E-litre 3K, who I increasingly think is learning the weapon, and head back to the Splat Zone, dropping in to it to be more effective. I splat one incoming inkling, lose track of another, and can do little more than watch as we enter a grace period of extra time without control of the Splat Zones. It was a good battle, but we just lacked a bit of ink in the right places.

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