Let's go round again in Splat Zones (9-2, Tri-slosher)

31st May 2017 – 7.00 am

That Hydra Splatling may cause problems for us, but first things first: ink our own Splat Zone. With that done, it's straight to the other side, down the side route. But no one's there. No matter, I can go upwards and slosh down on the other Splat Zone from above. The blue team have the same idea, though, and our Splat Zone is neutralised as I do the same to theirs. At least we're not losing yet.

We start losing when I hear Suction Bombs being thrown my way, and feel I should back off a bit. I do a circle and see very little blue ink where I was standing, so maybe I was over-cautious, but I'm unsplatted and back to neutralise the blue Splat Zone. I capture it too, as my squidmates recapture our Splat Zone, and we take the lead back. This upsets the blue team, but their Killer Wail is too late to catch me.

I circle down to slosh some ink over all the blue, and have a Bubbler ready when blue pressure comes my way. A pair of us clear the threats from the blue Splat Zone and make it more yellow all around. I take the short-cut back up above the Splat Zone and, with not much else to do, make another circuit.

Blue inklings return to the Splat Zone, but right underneath my Tri-slosher. I don't even hear the splat from up here. I go around another time, to make even more turf yellow, and with the help of a Bubbler I splat two more blue inklings coming back, plus another super-jumping to above the Splat Zone, and one accidentally below me. This is going quite well.

I head upwards and, with few blue inklings active, cheekily wait for their return. I do push my luck, though. But coming back myself lets me ink above our own Splat Zone, and the Splat Zone itself, which needs a bit of attention. I keep the Splat Zone as yellow as I can, and take a dive as a Killer Wail comes in. Getting snagged on a railing was not part of the plan.

Thirty seconds left, and I head along the route I created at the start. I spy the Hydra Splatling holding station on our own perch, causing problems and inking our Splat Zone, and start heading towards him, but don't quite get there. The battle is already won! That was some good Splat Zone control.

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