Good start to Splat Zones (12-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

1st June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not convinced I meant to drop on to that grate, but I roll with it and continue my fall. My Seekers can be put to some use down there, at least. With little immediate threat, I head around the side, and with still no inklings around and plenty of ink, I send a Seeker ahead to get above the green Splat Zone.

Still nothing happening. Let's go higher! Okay, there are some inklings. A Seeker splats one, the Luna Blaster is more of a problem, the jumping bugger. I stutter on my return, but my opportunistic Seeker actually splats someone, long after I've forgotten about it. Nice!

Our Splat Zone seems okay for now, so I sneak around the side again, aided by a Seeker, and pop up above the green Splat Zone with a Seeker Rush ready. The inkling below me didn't know what hit him. I move around to make more turf blue, to hinder the green inklings, and even though we lose the Splat Zones briefly, it doesn't put much of a dent in our lead.

I squid here and there, trying to stay safe, relying on Seekers to ink turf in a hostile area. One hits a target, which is nice, and although I look to be good to catch another inkling, he decides his work is done and drops down from the ledge. Suits me, I cover over his work, and follow down to splat a super-jumper thinking they're safe. It's the Luna Blaster too. Nice!

I survive an encounter on the edge of the Splat Zone, and another as the inkling perhaps tries to find a safer spot for an incoming super-jumper. That just gives me time to get a better position, splat that inkling, and the super-jumper too. It's the Luna Blaster again. Maybe they'll take the long route to the Splat Zone next time. They do, behind one inkling that a Kraken squidmate and I tag-team, and alongside another that my squidmate splats. The Luna Blaster gets her revenge on me, but the splatting is mutual.

It's been a solid couple of minutes for me in this battle, and now it's my turn to super-jump in to trouble. A bit more caution the next time, but I still make a mistake by staying directly in the path of the advancing Luna Blaster. I'm really lucky to make that splat mutual. A bit more care of our Splat Zone helps us, and a squidmate splats the Luna Blaster looming above me.

I get a nice Seeker splat and look to flank the active Inkzooka. I don't manage it, and get caught between that inkling and an impending super-jumper, which gets me splatted. But I somehow also splat the super-jumper before I succumb to green ink. As it is the Luna Blaster again, I think it's just fate balancing out all the times Lunas have got me frustrated. Thanks, fate, this has been fun!

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