Not quite finishing off the Splat Zones (12-7, Tri-slosher)

3rd June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I see the E-litre 3K. Maybe if I'm fast enough I can sneak around the side of him. And I am fast enough, although the Range Blaster almost catches me. I try to get ahead, faltering a bit, but am not chased, so slink down and try to find the E-litre 3K. He's not on the perch, but is just below it, and oblivious to my presence. That's my first splat. The second is the Range Blaster. Nice!

I push forwards again, as we have the Splat Zones, and go past a Splattershot, but being hit with an Echolocator whilst the E-litre 3K is looking for me is not going to end well for me. I come back to help with the Splat Zones, which are purple briefly, and try to shoo away some pesky purple inklings. More Echolocators hit, which is uncomfortable, but I ride through them and head around the side when it's safe. One inkling gets in my way, before I run in to a Kraken.

I super-jump back and find out that this was a good option. The purple inklings are making pests of themselves, and a bit of bucket application is just what's required as they squid along walls. My Bubbler comes in useful when seeking the last of the four, the E-litre 3K sitting on a perch overlooking us all. Bubbler gets me close, Disruptor keeps him close, and I manage to get the splat.

I ink some turf, and as I see nowhere else that needs my immediate attention I loiter for returning inklings. I don't really expect the E-litre 3K to squid past me, or for me to miss him quite so easily, but I get the splat before I am overwhelmed by the others. A 'Nice!' as I recover is a little premature, but we have a significant lead, so it's still worthwhile.

A squidmate and I work together to splat the E-litre 3K, and although getting stuck in the ink makes me realise the Range Blaster is not a good target, by the time I turn away I've become a target for another inkling. The Echolocator is quite an inconvenience, hitting me as I try to sneak up on the purple inkling flank again. I think I've managed to ride it out, but am caught out from one direction when I'm looking in another.

I'm not convinced the Splattershot caught me, but what can you do. Get splatted legitimately by the Range Blaster, apparently. And as the battle enters extra time, there is an air of desperation, with the purple team's counter active and getting closer to our lead. I get myself to the Splat Zone directly and start inking, splatting one inkling out of my way. And with my bucket and an Inkstrike, we recapture the Splat Zones to end the battle. Woomy!

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