Squidding around the Splat Zones (8-3, Tri-slosher)

3rd June 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm not sure I should always be the first to the Splat Zones. I like being quick, but I have to wonder if everyone else is purposely taking their time. Certainly, one the purple inklings is simply building up his Inkstrike to hit us as we approach, and I am lucky to avoid that without dropping on a Suction Bomb. My drop then puts me to the side of a Splash Wall, which I can slosh around for my first splat.

I carry on up and around. The only inkling on the ledge is behind me, giving, chase, but I see one ahead of me, trying to flank us, so I pop my Bubbler and, well, get nowhere. I push my luck and thankfully get the splat, and somehow get out of the ink pressure from behind too. Some indiscriminate sloshing bags me a splat, which I repay to my squidmates when squidding through a friendly Inkstrike gets me close to another inkling whose splatting is finished by someone else.

My Bubbler protects me from an Ink Mine, which is good, but won't outlast the other inkling's fresh Bubbler. I struggle to jump back to base, still not too familiar with using this function, and finally get to super-jump away. Only to a squidmate, but out of trouble all the same, and I can help refresh the Splat Zones. With continued application of ink, we manage to snatch the good, early lead away from the purple team.

I hate Rapid Blasters stacking Strength-up. They are so very cheesy. I try to avoid him as much as I can from then on, which helps keep me unsplatted, and the Splat Zones a healthy teal colour. I'm surprised and relieved to be able to back off quickly enough from the Rapid Blaster on the next couple of occasions too, even if I can't quite escape the .96 Gal in our own Inkstrike.

A little more attention to the Splat Zones keeps our score ticking over nicely, and I go for a merry jaunt around the side. No inklings up here, but I manage to sneak around the back of them to splat one, albeit with the security of my Bubbler, which is what it's there for, and my squidmates deal with the others.

Before too long, the battle is over, a knockout victory to us. That was nicely turned-around. Woomy!

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