A few splats in Squad Splat Zones (4-1, Tri-slosher)

5th June 2017 – 7.00 am

Time for some more Squad battles with Acethunder. I don't know who Craig is, sorry, he jumped on when Acethunder briefly disappeared, and I wasn't paying attention. It's a bit hit-and-miss as to the opposition, with some being around our rank, but there also often being S or S+ ranked inklings. Those aren't much fun, but there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid that in squad battles. You just have to try your best.

After some average but not disastrous battles with a Blaster, I pull out the Tri-slosher to try to make myself feel better about my skill level. I don't think it entirely works, but I pull out a couple of decent performances. I do quite well at the start of the battle, pressing at the Splat Zone without getting in to trouble. It's only when I get more confrontational that trouble finds me.

I try to stick near my squidmates, until an Echolocator hits, but perhaps hiding in the Splat Zone itself is not a great idea. It's bound to have ink thrown at it, and if I get hit my splatting with cover a bigger area with teal ink. It's probably good that the Echolocator forces me to move.

As the Echolocator drops, I spy a teal inkling coming my way. Instead of rushing in to his ink, I sensibly throw a Disruptor and manoeuvre around the side. I miss the Disrupted inkling, although it sounds like a squidmate doesn't, but I am brought in range of a couple more, even if one eludes me a bit easily to start with.

I run out of ink chasing the brush, and when sloshing down on inklings and the Splat Zones from above. By the time I'm close to recharged, the battle is won. Woomy!

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