Controlling the Squad Splat Zones (5-1, Tri-slosher)

5th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's a neat race to the centre of Arowana Mall, and the yellow team win. That's us! I slosh over the ridge, trying to catch an inkling but getting none, and squid up the side to steal a splat from in front of a Splash Wall.

Heading around the side has the E-litre 3K expecting me, but maybe not quite so soon. Her indecision gives my Tri-slosher time to press through her, onwards and upwards! It's a lame Disruptor that I throw, and I was probably safe from that Killer Wail, but at least I get the splat from my dive.

The Splat Zones stay safe by the time I get back, and so do I when I forget to jump, thanks to the extra ledge. I just about catch the Roller jumping from the perch, and I think the Inkstrike finishes him off. Another slosh on to the perch just catches the edge, just enough to get that last bit of ink for another splat.

I look to disrupt the returning E-litre 3K, and I don't think I get it, but at least I stay safe as, for a second time, I'm saved from the water by additional brickwork. The E-litre 3K ink is covered over easily enough, and I move across the Splat Zones to start flanking the long way around.

I have to pause to avoid a Suction Bomb, and to splat the returning Roller, but it matters not. The Splat Zones remain safe, our score counts down, and the battle is won remarkably comfortably. Woomy!

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