Being vigilant around the Splat Zones (6-0, Tri-slosher)

12th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's been a streak of all-or-nothing Splat Zone battles so far, and I've got a bit frustrated when on the 'nothing' side, pushed back to our base and unable to see the Splat Zones half the time. I'm not quite sure what's causing this, but I encourage myself to battle more sensibly, and use my weapon to its advantages, which is the Tri-slosher for the moment.

One advantage with the bucket is getting me to the Splat Zones quickly. I often rush past them to try to flank the other team, but this usually results in my getting splatted, and only sometimes mutually. Instead, I want to use my Disruptor and hold back until I can ensure a short-range encounter.

I get a lucky splat immediately, with a yellow inkling pushing aggressively forwards, and consolidate this by inking the Splat Zone and just beyond. Not too far beyond, and I don't venture further, just inking enough to slow down any yellow inkling wanting to flank us. I'll take take of our Splat Zone and provide Disruptors across the gap as required.

My squidmates capture the other Splat Zone and start pushing aggressively. I'm sure that's enough of us over there, so I hold my position. Sure enough, a yellow inkling gets past my squidmates, but I see her coming and hide where I think ink is less likely to be splattered. It works better than expected, catching her pulling out an Inkzooka.

I cover her tracks and pull back when out of ink. More activity on my flank catches my attention. Again I move to a position where ink is less likely to hit me, and wait for the right moment. I move maybe a bit prematurely, but my Bubbler backs me up. It is a little reckless to chase the Inkzooka backwards, particularly as my Bubbler dissipates, but it works out well enough.

Back to our Splat Zone, which needs some attention. I just about avoid the Squiffer, and retreat forwards to be shielded by a wall. That runs me in to two more yellow inklings pushing towards me, and I honestly think the first splats me. A reflexive slosh splats the second, and there's a brief pause as I realise I'm still going.

I go back to recapture our Splat Zone, and toss a Disruptor across the gap to help my squidmates. I cover the yellow inklings' tracks, check on the Splat Zone, and return to see a yellow inkling coming my way. I press to discourage her, and keep going as my Bubbler charges and pops. My Bubbler starts to fade before I get the splat, so I sensibly turn away, and that keeps me safe as the battle is won. Woomy!

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