Blasted revenge in Tower Control (12-11, Grim Range Blaster)

12th June 2017 – 7.00 am

It's the third battle in a row where I'm facing the same Grim Range Blaster on the other team, with my own Grim Range Blaster. I got some decent direct hits on her in the last battle, so the squidbagging she gives me in this battle is some well-deserved and good-natured ribbing. I really enjoy it too.

I'm not sure what I'm doing just casually walking off the platform. Expecting there to be ground underneath me, I suppose. But this is Tower Control, and it is just water down there. And I did it in front of a squidmate, how embarrassing. At least I get three splats in the middle of the action before succumbing to ink on my next venture.

I super-jump back to our Sloshing Machine inkling, who looks to be holding station well enough, and get a splat on the unseen Grim Range Blaster, before pushing the Tower and getting a couple more splats on the way. My aim lets me down on the fourth inkling, missing my getting a quad-splat, but hitting the Tower's column effectively. Still, the column may be keeping me safe a bit too, and we take the lead.

I super-jump directly in to trouble, along with a squidmate who takes the heat off me. If only I hadn't paused in the way of the Grim Range Blaster, though. More well-deserved squidbagging is sent my way. Super-jumping in the other way is a bit safer, but I get myself caught between green inklings and don't do much.

Two green inklings take a dive off the Tower in succession next, which is peculiar. I suppose the Tower's grating caught them out. It's happened to me often enough. A nice Burst Bomb helps catch an inkling threatening our perch, and I get a direct hit on the Grim Range Blaster, but am splatted immediately afterwards from the other direction. I can't help but notice that the Tower is not moving much.

More trouble on the starboard side, which I help clear out, but only temporarily. I then get completely distracted by the Grim Range Blaster, and we dance a little around each other, not helped by not being able to climb the ledge from my side, and we end up getting not much of a result. All the while, the Tower is being pushed forwards by the green team, with only a slight pause before they take the lead. I can't help but blame myself for not paying attention.

My squidmates reclaim the Tower and push it back towards the centre. I try to join them, but forget how to jump, apparently. That's okay, as they still control the Tower and I can super-jump directly to them, which maybe I should have done in the first place. There's lots of inky pressure, and inklings are jumping on and off the Tower, and I hope I contribute with a mutual splat, but I suspect my squidmates have much more to do with retaking the lead so late in to the battle.

The green team gets one last push as the battle heads in to extra time, and we only have to defend successfully. I add a bit of ink from the flank, but it doesn't really help as directly as my squidmates forcing their way on to the Tower to end the battle in our favour. Woomy!

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