Hitting a sticky wicket in Splat Zones (7-4, Tri-slosher)

13th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I provide some support to start the battle, inking a path and throwing a Disruptor at the Squiffer. As I turn my attention to the Splat Zones, an inkling catches my eye, but as I slosh up to him another falls on top of me. I impulsively follow, which is a mistake, and get caught in ink.

I consider flanking as I return, but get distracted by the Range Blaster. I make a bit of a mess of the splat, but I get it. From there, the obvious route is over the ramp, with some caution. I manage to get across safely, splat a couple of inklings, and help capture the Splat Zones for our team. Not too shabby.

We seem to be in pretty good control, even with an inkling coming around the back of us. It goes a bit wrong for me when I run out of ink in a predictable position, though, but we've cut in to the yellow team's lead nicely.

It goes a bit wrong for a moment. I don't think that N-ZAP caught me enough, which is frustrating, but I can't complain about getting caught between an Inkstrike, two inklings, and a wall. Besides, despite the yellow inklings greatly increasing their lead, my squidmates recapture the Splat Zones behind my messy incursions.

I follow up by coming around the side, making a hash of catching the Squiffer, and still somehow coming out of the encounter with two splats. I even get a splat on the N-ZAP to make up for earlier, a little surprised to still be standing after it, mind you.

I almost stay out of trouble, just letting the Squiffer know I'm down here, as we snatch the lead away from the yellow team. I quickly find somewhere to hide, give a well-deserved 'Nice!' to my squidmates, and watch the battle finish.

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