Splats everywhere in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th June 2017 – 7.00 am

Straight out of the gate with my Seekers, and it's a good aim with the second to get between the plants up the ramp to the Tower. One squidmate takes some ink to the beak, but I drop off to the side and splat the two green inklings who have probably followed their own Seeker. A third inkling is splatted off the Tower by a squidmate, and the early advantage is ours.

I get a tad unlucky hitting the inkling threatening our flank, but I get one more splat out of it, and we have a good early lead with the Tower. That Carbon Roller must be blessed, though. His Killer Wail catches me nicely, and my Seeker splats a squidmate of his to let him continue squidding. Lucky blighter.

I try to clear the flanking path, but get flustered by a surprise inkling. This is why I don't trust so much ink in one place. I head back in the other direction, and wait for my opportunity. I think I see it when a squid drops down from the perch, but as I dive in the squid becomes a Kraken. Thankfully, it's focussing on the Tower, letting me squid up the other side. But that presents new problems.

Ink to the left of me, angry inklings ahead of me. The Blessed Carbon Roller jumps my Seeker and comes after me, so I enact defensive manoeuvre delta, and cheese it. I keep just enough ahead to stay out of direct trouble, and squidding through a grate I activate my Seeker Rush, hoping to catch anyone trying to come down to catch me. But, of course, they don't need to, and can just shoot through the grate. Silly me.

I still somehow get out of hostile territory in one piece, though, with the green team even wasting a Killer Wail just on me. I continue on to get three decent splats straight away, and follow those up with two more whilst indirectly support a Tower push that doesn't quite extend our lead, but shows that we can still threaten. I'm finally stopped by an Inkzooka.

I spy the Carbon Roller heading up our flank and look to stop him, but a Killer Wail is pointed dangerously towards me. I manage to evade it just in time, and kinda dive out of trouble, only just making it. I return to force a Range Blaster off the Tower by the sound of my flicking alone, which is amusing, returning the Tower to the centre, just briefly.

I return as the green team make a good push forwards. I get to the Tower to splat the inkling on it a moment too late, the lead snatched away from us, and I take out my frustration on a nearby inkling, and another one ahead of us. My Seeker Rush seems to do little, and heading around the side doesn't find any inklings to splat.

We have one last chance on the Tower, and unfortunately it is up to me to ride it, as green inklings surge towards me on three fronts. I don't fancy my chances, and indeed I am splatted off the Tower very quickly indeed. The green team don't quite reclaim it themselves, two of them hitting the water, but just clearing the Tower is enough to win them the battle.

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