Getting splatty around the Splat Zones (10-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

15th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Lots of rollers! And a little shoal of squids on the way to our Splat Zone. The blue team has made a good push to get there too, and I find myself trading Seekers with another Carbon Roller. I take care she doesn't follow behind a Seeker, and clear up as my squidmates push her backwards.

Time to clear the other channels. Ah, there's the Carbon Roller again. Or it's the other one. Either way, we're trading Seekers again. They are good weapons for Port Mackerel. I have no idea how one found an inkling, but it's a welcome and encouraging splat.

My Seeker Rush charges, just in time to let loose at a Carbon Roller still sending Seekers our way. I let my squidmates follow behind, deciding instead to check the other channels again. It's good that I do, as I hear an Inkstrike, and that probably means our Splat Zone needs attention.

No sooner is the Inkstrike cleared than Seekers come rushing in, which I nimbly dodge, but the Carbon Roller follows behind. At least I get a flick away as she moves in for the splat. We're stuck in an impasse still, but it's early days, and channel control looks to be important right now, so I send Seekers forwards.

One channel is decidedly green, which encourages me to push forwards and try to flank the blue Splat Zone. One Seeker is sent to test the ink, a second as a diversion away from the first. But I'm not here alone, and my squidmates capture the Splat Zone as I approach. Nice!

Now we just have to keep both Splat Zones for a bit. A Splattershot wanders in front of me carelessly, whilst another comes down the channel as I drop a Seeker on top of them. That'll do. A Seeker Rush comes in to the Splat Zone, and I send my own out, hitting nothing but inking turf. One last Seeker catches a returning inkling, though.

I head back to see how our own Splat Zone is doing. Not bad, but coming under pressure. I send Seekers out again, and when a strip of turf remains green for long enough, I Ninja Squid my way up there, and, even though I am out-manoeuvred by a slow-moving charger, bag myself a nice triple-splat. The sudden lack of blue inklings lets me move to the blue Splat Zone and recapture is myself.

The inklings come back, of course. One I splat, but the Carbon Roller is a bit more canny, and I'm happy to return to our Splat Zone for a bit. I see another opportunity to move up, looking to catch the Splatterscope unawares, but run instead in to a Seeker. Oops. I catch another Seeker, doing a grand job of seeking, on my immediate return, and watch as the blue team take control of the Splat Zones.

Heading on to the ledge helps me avoid a Splat Bomb Rush, no matter how much I want to drop down on to the super-jump ring, and some vigorous flicking even splats an unseen inkling below and helps neutralise the Splat Zone. Another Seeker or two help us keep control, and not even succumbing to a Splat Bomb at the end of the battle can dampen my spirit. Good battle, woomy!

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