Keeping the purple team occupied in Tower Control (12-9, Tri-slosher)

15th June 2017 – 7.00 am

The Slosher can slosh more than my Tri-slosher. That's fair enough. I have to wonder what my squidmates have been up to, as there wasn't that much inking to be heard at the start, and no ink along the right corridor on my return. I'm sure they were busy, though. And I need to get busier. I'm pushed back by a Blaster, and the Tower is probably behind me already anyway.

Or I could turn around and try to come from behind the purple team. The only problem with this plan is that the Blaster has stayed behind and is expecting me. Still, my squidmates have cleared the Tower, which is good. As for me, why am I going back towards the Luna Blaster, who clearly has good awareness, and has planted another Ink Mine? I am cautious in my approach, but this is not contributing much.

With the Luna Blaster not in the corridor, I sensibly turn my attention to the objective. A charger is seeking me, but can't quite reach, and although my sloshing is a little sloppy as I dive on to the Tower, I manage to clear it and an immediate threat before I succumb to ink. There's a bit of clearing up to do down the middle, and I do that whilst manoeuvring in to a good position to assault the oncoming Tower, which goes rather well. There's still that charger, though.

It's an E-litre 3K, from it's range and ability to turn in to a Kraken. He is quite a sensible inkling too, as he doesn't push his luck with the Kraken, retreating instead. I fumble my way up the wall to press him, popping my Bubbler a bit early, but catch him as he is perhaps trying to super-jump clear. I destroy his Beakon too. I miss the super-jump ring at the time, but can just spy it now. It's thankfully not much of a surprise to see the inkling there as I return, but the blast is still a little startling.

It's good to see my squidmates riding the Tower forwards well, and I super-jump to the Tower to keep it moving. There's purple ink flying in everywhere, but I hold the Tower for a little long, long enough for another squidmate to super-jump in, so I do my bit. We just need to do a bit more. I head around the side, making sure of no Ink Mines or inklings, and get to the Tower as the Blaster is somewhere. My sloshing can't find her, so I move on to the E-litre 3K, who isn't expecting me. Good.

I continue along the side, and up across the other side, but there are no inklings here. My adventure is cut short my an Inkzooka, but I am happy to think that's a little wasted from so far back, without us riding the Tower. I take a more direct route, and my squidmates push the Tower again. I spy the E-litre 3K on a high perch and wonder what I can do about it. I head around the side to see, and by the time I'm further up he's dropped down. Maybe the Killer Wail would have been enough, but my bucket gets the splat anyway.

I could help push the Tower from here, but maybe now that I'm in a good position my time could be better spent sloshing from on high, disrupting the purple team. I cross the gap and splat one inkling maybe not expecting me to be there, and pop my Bubbler to keep me safe from the E-litre 3K drawing a bead on me. I get right across the purple base and, even when Echolocated, avoid the E-litre 3K, maybe feeling the pressure, and get the splat. I'm stopped by a Splat Bomb, but I think I've been nice and disruptive.

The purple team rush towards the advancing Tower, but don't reach it before my squidmates have taken the lead. Nice! I like to think that the lack of E-litre 3K pressure helped with the push. I super-jump to the Tower to keep it moving, edging the lead a bit more, and the purple team only just manage to retake control as the battle enters extra time. I get to the middle and start sloshing, and although I don't clear the Tower, I get the focus of enough of the purple team that my squidmates manage to do it quickly and smoothly. Woomy!

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