Blue splat marks all around the Splat Zones (9-1, Tri-slosher)

17th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I head to the left and see a blue tell-tale trail of ink heading to the blue team's ramp. I don't make that last slosh, to not give myself away, and get an easy first splat. From there to the Splat Zones, and a few sloshes upwards gets the next splat.

The Splat Zones take a little while longer to be captured, because even though one side looks quite yellow, the other is distinctly blue. My Bubbler is charged, though, which helps wade through the blue ink towards the inklings and come back mostly unscathed. At least until I run in to the returning blue inklings.

I start off the same way as before, and see another inkling flop over the ramp as I get to it. I get a bit lucky with the splat, but it's good to get some luck occasionally, such as heading around the corner in to another easy splat on an inkling's flank. A squidmate splats the other inkling from above, leaving the Splat Zones to ourselves.

I head to the blue side of the Dome, but come back almost immediately as I see an inkling flop over the ramp again. I get a hit on their Seeker path, but lose their position. Maybe they come up from the other side, maybe it's a different inkling, but I don't think they wanted to see me pop my Bubbler.

It's back to the centre of the Splat Zones, and everything seems to be in some kind of order there, particularly with our charger watching over it. But a blue threat comes from behind, and we move to neutralise it. I have to save my sloshes to keep my running speed up, as well as avoiding the Suction Bombs, and get the splat.

One more splat is waiting to happen beneath me, as an inkling super-jumps in, but we just don't have time, I'm afraid. It's a smooth knockout victory. Woomy!

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