What can you do in Splat Zones (6-4, Tri-slosher)

18th June 2017 – 7.00 am

It seems like a straightforward start to the battle, thankfully without the E-litre 3K making an early appearance, but I do wonder what the brush is up to. What I shouldn't do is rush in foolishly, so I wait. When she appears, I strike, getting some solid sloshes in, but apparently she still has time to turn in to a Kraken. At least now I know she was building up her charge.

I go around the side to hit the other Splat Zone on my return. I have a little pause and twitch, as a cat spikes my lap, but am not accosted by inklings because of it. I even dodge through Suction Bombs and get close enough to the E-litre 3K to splat her, splat the Bomber, and destroy a Beakon, as a squidmate rolls up behind me in support. Nice!

We capture their Splat Zones as they capture ours. We manage to neutralise our Splat Zone, and me and the Roller push our minor advantage up to the purple team's base, thanks to a Splash Wall and a Bubbler. I even manage to get back unharmed and with another splat under my belt.

Resting on our laurels isn't a great idea, but not giving away your position doesn't seem terrible sometimes. I may have to reveal myself a little early, but a decent retreat and immediate return lets me splat my pursuer, whilst another inkling is looking the wrong way with a Suction Bomb Rush, and the Splat Zone is ours again.

The next assault by the purple team goes better for them. I can't say why I didn't pop my Bubbler, it would have been a good idea. But both Splat Zones are purple soon after my splatting, and we start to lose quite badly. I come back along our blind side, but one that isn't so blind to the long reach of the E-litre 3K. That's a bit irritating.

Thankfully, I get up to the ledge and have my Bubbler charged, letting me dive forwards with confidence. The Disruptor would have been better had it hit, instead it just depletes my ink tank. I run out just as I find the E-litre 3K again, and I have to refill slightly to finish the splat. A small squidding gets me enough ink to destroy the Beakon, but there are still the Splat Zones to worry about.

My ink doesn't quite extend to recovering our Splat Zone whilst avoiding Suction Bombs, and although the brush is ahead of me another Suction Bomb means I can't move backwards. My splatting is inevitable, and in the middle of the Splat Zone too, making it even more purple. And there is now purple ink everywhere! What have my squidmates been doing?

Well, it looks like the purple team have got themselves in to good positions. Surely there must be more options than continuing to throw yourself down the centre, but perhaps my squidmates tried that too. Either way, we were definitively beaten.

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