Some good luck, some bad luck, in Rainmaker (9-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st June 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's a pretty cautious start for me, mostly because I'm not entirely sure how to start a Moray Towers Rainmaker battle with the Carbon Roller Deco. I think I do quite well. At least, my Seekers do. I'm happy to have somehow sneaked underneath the Rainmaker blast too, and make the most of it by getting the splat on the Rainmaker too. I do kinda muck up catching the approach of the .52 Gal, though.

I hold back a little again, until my path intersects with an advancing green Rainmaker, and I dive with him to help push forwards. He's going for the shortcut up the tallest wall, but doesn't quite see the Splat Bomb in time. I do, squid past it, and catch the thrower, as well as the inkling super-jumping in.

With them gone, we burst the Rainmaker's Shield, and I continue where my squidmate left off. A bit of support gets me up the wall, and I push a bit further before being overwhelmed by purple ink. That gives us a pretty good lead. A surviving green inkling and her Killer Wail gives us the Rainmaker to super-jump back to, and we make another push, going even further. The Rainmaker is the focus of the ink, hence my getting a bit further, but it is a bit unlucky to get too hits on an inkling before a Bubbler comes out. But so it goes.

We super-jump back, but the purple team are taking the short route down the Towers. Not a problem, we can do that too, and as the Rainmaker is lagging a bit behind its support we can catch up easily. I splat the two inklings, with some inky support, as they look to ink their way up our wall, and we can wait for the Rainmaker to come to us. Or use Specials to force them in to the open and splat them efficiently. Nice!

I'm not quite sure what I was doing throwing that Seeker in to the wall, and I do my quirky habit of supporting my squidmates by taking an alternative route. Sometimes it works. This time, I am 'saved' from a Killer Wail by being splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield first. Yay?

I come back to see a squidmate engaging in some good clean-up defensive work, so I help along, as our other squidmates keep the Rainmaker from getting close to us anyway. When I push forwards, it is as we lose the Rainmaker. I think I am being smart by not rushing over the ledge to get splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield, but this time it is the Killer Wail that splats me.

With only seconds to go, we have little to do but maintain the current position. We don't even need to grab the Rainmaker to end the battle, as the purple inklings are nowhere to be seen. Good battle!

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